Financial Advisor Sales Training

Selling is a key requirement for successful financial advisors because they must grow their relationships and book of business to thrive.

A successful financial advisor is skilled at asking questions to uncover their prospect’s goals and issues, they are adept at communicating to the prospect/client the problem or gap in his or her financial plan that exists, they can properly position the solution, and as a final step, they ask for their business. Of course, sales of services or products must not be made solely to make a sale. The service or product must genuinely help the client.

How skilled are your advisors? We know that a financial advisor who does not have the confidence or the skill to ask the right questions will not be successful. Our Wealth & Investment Sales Training helps your advisors and private bankers become more comfortable with the art of asking questions and having a quality conversation, not with a canned approach, but with a sales process that takes into consideration the practical reality and changes that they encounter in the field. It is essential when your advisors are working with clients on their most important life goals such as retirement, education and life planning, that they have the skills to fully discover the client’s desires, preferences, risk tolerances and family issues. Successful financial advisors put the interests of their clients first and are skilled at helping their customers determine and achieve their financial goals.

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Sales DNA

We utilize the Objective Management Group sales assessment, #1 for 10 consecutive years, and from that data, we understand what the Sales DNA of a successful advisor looks like.  When we work with our banking clients, we gather this information about your team and then customize your sales training program around the areas that will make the most impact.

How well do your or your sales team rate on these skills?

Investment Sales Training

We can help your advisors become Consultative Sellers

There are 21 core sales competencies, including the six Sales DNA above, five Will to Sell attributes and 10 Selling Competencies. One of the most important of the core competencies for advisors is the ability to be a Consultative Seller. The graphic below portrays the skills necessary to become a trusted advisor, the one your clients turn to for their most important financial planning and life goals. Think about your wealth and investment advisors – how skilled are they in these areas? Our Wealth & Investment Sales Training can help with a proven process for developing your bankers into more skilled and courageous salespeople, all while putting the client’s financial goals front and center.

Skills of a Consultative Advisor