“Tailored, Customized Training Content that is targeted & specific. Aligned with culture. Developed and proven. A laser-focused individualized approach. Bandwidth. Results.”

These were the most important corporate sales training partner selection criteria recently gathered from interviews with existing clients. We have a long-established history of partnering with clients to deliver results through our tailored sales training programs that are based on their specific company priorities and are customized to each of their target markets.

We perform an in-depth analysis of C-level priorities and strategies, assess current sales systems and processes and evaluate the individual strengths and weaknesses of the sales team. We review the detailed findings with leadership and together we build a sales development plan starting with educating the sales leaders so that they can implement and support the program with salespeople.

Here is a sample of what we find out by evaluating your sales managers

Sales management posturing

In this particular case, the manager has challenges with their outlook, controlling emotions, goal setting and overall optimism. These areas will have a negative impact on revenue generation with their sales team. We address these areas in our sales management skill development which helps train your sales managers on building and supporting a revenue-producing Sales Managed Environment®.

Once we work with the leaders, we begin training and working individually with salespeople to develop a more effective selling system, incorporating sales managers each step of the way.

Our Effective Selling System is a progressive series of sales training courses providing salespeople with a step-by-step process that helps them uncover critical information. We help each salesperson develop their unique delivery so that each leverages the ability to qualify, engage and help the buyer achieve their ultimate goal.

Our instructor-led program is supported by robust online sales learning modules, live Zoom-casts and highly productive personal phone coaching. We fully integrate distance learning into our sales effectiveness training, helping to manage the costs of travel and participant’s time out of the field.

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