Sales Growth Program for Managers

Immediate 26% Lift Begins with Sales Managers

After twenty-nine years in business, we know that salespeople who report to a manager with strong Coaching skills have 26% more closeable late-stage opportunities. Does your team need an immediate 26% lift in results?

Our 6-month Sales Growth Program for Sales Managers will equip your sales managers with the skills, strategies and best practices necessary to help your team achieve consistent sales growth. An experienced Sales Growth Coach will train your sales manager(s) in the critical skills and behaviors necessary to grow salespeople: Setting Standards and Holding Salespeople Accountable, Pre and Post-Call Debrief, Role-Play, Sales Talent Recruiting Specifics, the Keys to Motivating Salespeople and much more.

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Top 10 weaknesses of sales coaches

Sales Growth Program for Managers

Just $1000.00 per month for 5 months

6-Month Sales Coaching Program Includes:

  1. In-depth sales manager evaluation
  2. Twelve phone coaching sessions – 2 per month for 6 months
  3. Sales management activity Success Tracker and weekly report
  4. 6-course online sales management library
  5. Library of recorded sales webinars that can be used for sales meetings
  6. Weekly Sales Brew and portal to sales materials
  7. Bi-monthly Executive progress calls to review progress

Here’s Why it Works:

Scheduled, bi-weekly video coaching sessions will leverage sales manager(s) skills to expert levels. Our online programming will provide the framework and operational systems to coach, teach and hold salespeople accountable.

We will set goals per the results of our Sales Manager Evaluation and your input. We will hold sales manager(s) accountable. We will report progress to you bi-monthly or more often if desired.

Selling is a tough job and in today’s marketplace, it has gotten tougher. It’s a sure bet that your salespeople are floundering if your sales manager is untrained, without the skills, without the framework to do the job. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that leading a sales team is intuitive or user-friendly. Those who are trained, who have the skills and the tools make at least a 26% difference. Immediately.

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