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and Hire Better Since Inception

It is more important than ever that your producers are adept at having in-depth conversations with clients and prospects. Access to virtual services has accelerated and many insurance competitors are fighting for customers. Now is the time to focus on developing your agents into customer focused, problem-solving advisors. Our Insurance Sales Training Programs can help your producers become more skilled at having consultative conversations that revolve around asking the right questions and enough questions, all focused on the goal of helping the client make sound decisions for today and the future.

We are Insurance Sales Training specialists. Anthony Cole Training Group’s first client 30 years ago was an insurance firm because our founder Tony Cole came out of the insurance industry. 30 years later, we understand the approach and expertise needed to be successful in this evolving industry. We understand the challenges created by the digital evolution, the new regulatory changes and the increased demand for personalized services. We can help your agents evolve to the new environment where competition is tougher but the need for a caring and knowledgeable advisor still matters. Insurance is a complex and intangible business, making it critical that advisors be knowledgeable with deep consultative skills.

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A Complex Industry Requiring Consultative Producers

Managing the risks of the business is almost as critical to a business owners as managing their personal insurance. And the relationship between owner and agent is often long-term and extends to many areas outside of the business. Business owners need to know that their insurance agent is knowledgeable in the options available, has great solutions to offer, is responsive to their needs and are able to understand the nuances of their business.

Consultative Selling in a Changing, Digital Industry
The skills for today’s agent are vastly different than in the past and it is important to understand the changing needs of customers considering digital disruption, where they are faced with many new options for insurance. Insurance producers will need to put a greater emphasis on customers by offering a more personalized value proposition as this new digital landscape evolves. So much information and so many options are available online, how does an insurance firm and its producers differentiate?

“I had the opportunity to utilize Tony’s organization for 16 years and can confidently say that it made a difference in 1) helping to hire the right sales people in supporting a sales growth culture with accountability for results …. and, 2) evaluating, measuring, and improving the current sales force / sales management.”

Dwight (Whitey) Kollmeier
Prior President at First National Insurance Agency (FNIA)

How We Help Insurance Producers Differentiate and be Successful:

  • Help them identify and develop the consultative skills necessary to sell effectively
  • Help them provide distinguishing value by distilling the complex solutions for the client
  • Teach them to ask great questions, tough questions and enough questions
  • Develop a consistent selling system to grow their pipeline and their business
  • Help them understand and speak the language of their target prospect, become experts
  • Clearly communicate the benefits of coverage amidst and despite complicated risk factors

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Training Programs for Insurance Salespeople

Consultative Selling

Today’s buyer can research, find options, pricing and purchase about every insurance product online making it harder for producers to prospect and differentiate their solutions. We help develop Consultative salespeople who can differentiate themselves by helping their potential buyers self-discover why they need their guidance and products. We teach them to skillfully manage the conversation tailoring their questions for resonance so that they are speaking the prospect’s love language. We can help them bring indispensable value through the questions they ask and the way in which they ask those questions.

The Science & Art of Negotiation

Consultative salespeople begin the negotiating process from the beginning by making certain that they ask the tougher questions and uncover the pain points that can be around the current insurance provider and premiums. Our program will provide a framework to operate from, helping producers with the right mindset and a process that puts all the negotiating up front. We help them develop the willingness to walk away when it makes sense as well as help them understand that a strong relationship is key to establishing confidence and trust. Developing a healthy skepticism is a trait we weave into our negotiation training as it helps producers’ probe and ask deeper questions.

Growing Your Network and Insurance Leads

Though some larger insurance companies provide marketing to generate potential leads, many insurance companies rely on the insurance agent to generate leads themselves. The success of an insurance agent depends on how well he or she develops and grows their network and how well they can market both themselves and the agency to that network. Our prospecting focus will help your producers improve at getting introductions, making more compelling phone calls, utilizing LinkedIn and other social resources to leverage relationships and build potential leads in their pipeline.

“Anthony Cole Training helped me transform from a standard ‘bag carrying robot’ into a unique, highly skilled asset for my company and my clients. Their laser approach has helped me to identify “real” prospects, plan for future success, move prospects quickly through the sales cycle and ask for solid introductions.”

– Producer

Key Components of Our Insurance Sales Training Programs:

  1. Customized Training Modules:  Working with your company, we will tailor your producer insurance sales training with modules designed to meet your specific calling needs, based on target clients and niches
  2. Practice Exercises: We help your producers hone their skills through role-playing exercises that mimic actual client interactions. Our instructors are master coaches and will provide constructive feedback to refine your agents’ approach
  3. Industry Expert Trainers: Your team will benefit from insights shared by our seasoned Sales Development Experts who bring real time insurance selling experiences and success stories to the training sessions
  4. Integrated Learning: Our customized insurance sales training program is delivered via different modalities to fit the needs of various learning styles including instructor led sessions, webinars, online learning, phone coaching and access to a digital resource center to help producers stay ahead in this ever-evolving industry.

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Proven Results with our Clients

Our experienced Sales Development Experts have firsthand experience and knowledge of insurance. We understand the challenges of the industry.

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With our Insurance Sales Training, you’ll gain access to the sales training approach used successfully by many high growth insurance firms in the US:

An evaluation of your team that provides data on how your salespeople compare on the 21 Core Sales Competencies to all salespeople, the top 10% and the insurance industry specifically. These can be upgraded for full evaluation details.
Using this data, we customize our Insurance Sales Training Proven Process to your specific insurance company’s culture and growth goals.
We help your organization develop a sales management framework for sales leaders, with our proprietary Sales Managed Environment ® program, focused on helping agency execs manage performance, coach, motivate, and recruit.
We next work with your sales team to implement a milestone-centric Effective Selling System, once again customized to your culture and markets.
We can help you find quality talent with our Hire Better Salespeople System helping you to hire the right producers for your sales jobs.
Our Sales Growth Coach program offers 1 on 1 coaching for new or high-potential agents, providing them with a personal sales evaluation, a personal coach, regular coaching calls, and online learning.

Free eBook for Insurance Company Sales Execs
How do you know if your producers can and will sell? In this free eBook, learn about the 21 Core Sales Competencies assessment that provides the data on how your agents rank compared to others in the insurance industry. Do your people have the desire, commitment, and sales competencies to succeed at finding and building relationships?

  • THE WILL TO SELL: Learn whether your producers have the Desire and Commitment it takes to be successful in sales.
  • SALES DNA: Sales DNA is at the core of salespeople, and explains whether they have strengths that will support desirable outcomes or weaknesses that will sabotage those outcomes.
  • COMPETENCIES: The sales competencies give detailed insight into the skills and strengths that a producer possesses. Some of the competencies we measure include Hunting, Consultative Selling, Qualifying, Getting to Decision Makers, Selling Value, and Social Selling.

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