Sales Training Seminars & Workshops

Sales training and sales coaching workshops are ideal to help focus on one specific area of development for your salespeople or managers. Does your sales team need help with new prospecting strategies in our digitized world or perhaps they are not skilled enough at using consultative selling skills? Or perhaps those managing your salespeople need help in the critical areas of coaching, motivating, or recruiting? We provide engaging sales and sales management training in virtual or in-person, one to three-hour workshops that will help your team sharpen their skills. What differentiates our sales training workshops and seminars from most is the interactivity that our speakers promote and our customized-to-your-needs content. Participants will be fully engaged. They will leave with accessible tools and ideas that will help them be more productive immediately after the event and in the future.


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Top-Rated Sales Training Workshops

How do you decide on a sales workshop provider that will really deliver for your company?  Here are a few things to consider as you evaluate a potential workshop provider:

Do they have a long history in professional sales training and sales leadership development?

Do they have a specialty in your industry or a similar one?

Will they customize their delivery to your audience and challenges?

Is your workshop online or in person?

Does the workshop include actionable tools your participants can use right away?

How skilled is the speaker at engaging your audience’s needs?

Are there videos so that you can see the speakers in action?

Does the provider have testimonials of others who have used them for sales training workshops?

“Our speaker from Anthony Cole Training Group was the perfect presenter with the perfect content to kick off the summit. It was engaging and relevant and set a great tone for the whole event. He presented in a fun and informative manner with some key actionable takeaways. I wish we had more time to get through it all!”

– WBA BOLT Summer Leadership Summit Participant

Benefits of Sales Training Workshops

If your company or association is hosting an event that pulls the sales team together, it can be a real benefit to the team to bring in an experienced workshop speaker/provider. It is helpful for your team to experience an outside expert who knows how to engage, interact and provide takeaways that can be used right away. Workshops are also an opportunity to put the spotlight on an area such as prospecting, focusing everyone on how to find and develop new relationships. Your workshop provider should find time in the session to gain best practices that can be shared amongst the team, allowing the experienced producers to share their approaches. Top-notch workshops tie into the company culture, reinforce important tenants of the company and provide a platform for the Leader to impart the importance of the training topic to the growth of the company. There are many benefits to sales workshops, they just take some pre-work and planning.


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Sales Training Seminar & Workshop Topics

Our sales effectiveness training approach helps salespeople develop professional courage, build rapport so that they become trusted advisors. Today, effective selling is so much more than just focusing on closing a sale. Using the data warehouse of Objective Management Group, the number 1 sales evaluation company for 11 years, we know that there are 21 sales core competencies that a salesperson must master to be an elite producer. We will work with your sales team to focus on skill development in areas that contribute to their consultative selling approach and drive improved results. While all the skills are important, we often start sales effectiveness training improving these four sales skills:

Rules of Engagement in Selling:

Are you (or your salespeople) working on deals that are stuck? In many cases, the deals are not fully qualified and the salesperson is chasing a deal that will never close. Successful salespeople have guidelines for the types of businesses that are qualifiable and worthy of the effort to pursue and cultivate as a prospect.  We call these the rules of engagement.  When followed, these rules lead to more favorable outcomes…and much less time being wasted chasing prospects who can never be caught. Salespeople will receive a template to create the rules of engagement for your company’s “closeable opportunity.”

Selling Value vs. Price:

Typically, the rate is always an issue but consultative salespeople know how to navigate a discussion with a client or prospect so that rate is not THE issue. With continued inflation and the current challenging business environment, your people need to be skilled at asking the right questions and uncovering potential issues and problems so that rate is not a surprise or a negotiating struggle. They must be excellent at consultative selling and positioning their value, which will minimize their need to negotiate the rate. At this workshop, Sales execs and salespeople will learn a consultative approach that will help your salespeople begin to “negotiate” the potential sale early in the process.

2 Problems Facing Salespeople Today:

It is more difficult than ever to differentiate yourself in today’s world. Salespeople are struggling to connect with prospects, they are getting more resistance and scheduling fewer meetings. And according to a recent McKinsey research study, more than three-quarters of buyers say they now prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions. This workshop will help salespeople break through the fray and have conversations of value that resonate and engage with prospects. Participants will receive a “Prospect Scorecard” tool to help improve sales conversations and cultivate deeper relationships.


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“We were introduced to Anthony Cole Training Group by one of our member banks. It is our number 1 priority to provide valuable resources and educational workshops for our members. Their Chief Growth Officer, Mark Trinkle has delivered several top notch workshops on sales leadership and sales development, critical topics in today’s markets. Participants left with tactical strategies to implement right away. I highly recommend working with their team!”

– SVP of Professional Development, Western Bankers Association

Sales Management Seminar & Workshop Topics

Most leaders come up through the ranks of their specialty and do not possess the skills needed to lead and coach their sales team to success. We can help.  Here are a few recent workshops that we can tailor for your leaders – from the C-level to those who are managing sales teams and making joint calls.

Growth Strategies:

Find out if your sales team has what it takes: The rules for developing relationships and selling in the past no longer apply in today’s fast-paced, technology-enhanced world. Salespeople must be ready when their prospect comes calling, recognizing that they are armed with more knowledge than ever. So, how does your company differentiate itself as a premier provider? CEOs and Sales Leaders no longer have to rely on observation, anecdotal evidence, and personal opinion about what differentiates top performers from average and poor performers. There is a science to selling and this workshop will provide participants with a glimpse of the 21 specific skills and capabilities that salespeople must have to be “elite” producers. This workshop will put the spotlight on the specifics of each skill, how they impact success and how these apply to your industry, specifically.

4 Activities of Top-Performing Companies:

There are four sales strategies that determine the difference between mediocre and top-tier companies. In this workshop, participants will learn what activities top-performing CEOs are implementing that have taken their teams to a much higher level of production, in some cases doubling or tripling their revenue. These four strategies include understanding the Sales DNA of current team, using a sales specific and predictive assessment before hiring, investing in sales management skills and implementing a stage-based effective selling system.

High Touch Coaching in a High-Tech, Remote World:

Managing teams is a different world these days. Due to the remote nature of business today, managers must have strong coaching skills and they have to be effective at coaching, virtually. Most sales leaders were promoted into their position and do not have the coaching skills necessary to hire and develop their people. In fact, typically less than 5% of leadership teams assessed have the skills they need. This workshop will provide a 5-step framework to help sales managers deliver high touch coaching to their salespeople to help them grow relationships and revenue in this high-tech, remote world.


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“SO many amazing takeaways from this session, I really enjoyed it and our presenter was amazing and so easy to listen to. His information was very helpful and I will definitely use the tips he gave.”

– Wisconsin Banker’s Association Event Participant

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