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We know how important a local, regional or national event is for your company or association.

You want to ensure that participants are engaged and leave with takeaways that can be easily implemented. If you want to include sales leadership, sales training, or motivation seminars in your event, Anthony Cole Training Group has industry-experienced, accomplished, and entertaining speakers that will be well-received and impactful.

What differentiates our sales training seminars from most is the interactivity that our speakers promote and our customized-to-your-needs content. Participants will be fully engaged. They will leave with accessible tools and ideas that will help them be more productive after the event and in the future.

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Tony Cole on 10% Difference

Sales Managers must spend intentional coaching time with their salespeople in order to get from where they are today to where they need to be. Find out the difference you can make by learning how to coach the 10% difference with your sales team. Great sales results can come from small incremental improvements in key sales skills.

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Increasing Sales is a Unique Animal

The will to be successful consists of your desire to be successful in sales. Time and time again, we have seen salespeople who have a strong desire to be successful but fail at selling. Why? They lack the desire to be successful in selling. Selling is a very unique animal, as no one faces more pressure to perform, or deals with more rejection
then a salesperson.