Part of Your Company, Not Part of Your Payroll

See an immediate lift when you hire a Fractional Sales Manager who will hold your salespeople accountable to identified activities. ROI guaranteed.

Your Company Should Hire a Fractional Sales Manager if You:

Have a team of less than 10 salespeople

Are tired of trying to find the right sales manager

Don’t have the budget for a full-time sales manager

Senior leadership is not equipped to coach and drive accountability

Company does not have a consistent sales process

Sales team is lacking motivation and are not driving leads

You need to drive revenue and grow!


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Hire a Fractional Sales Manager

Do you need an experienced sales manager to set sales strategies, establish accountability measures, and coach your people?

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Part of your company, not part of your payroll.

Strong Sales Teams have Skilled Sales Managers

Running a company is very different than managing a sales team, so that is where we step in. Your dedicated Fractional Sales Manager will work closely with company leaders to fully understand your growth objectives, industry nuances, and company culture. Your personal sales manager will focus on:


The first step is to determine the critical sales activities and behavior that must be tracked. Your fractional sales manager will keep your people on track weekly, uncovering the how and the why and providing sales ideas at each weekly meeting. Your company will see an immediate lift.


Acting as their dedicated sales coach, your fractional sales manager will help your people prep for important opportunities so that they are ready to put themselves into a winning position. Pre-call and post-call sessions will be part of their ongoing role to help upgrade the pipeline and develop skills.


Our organization has been helping companies manage their sales teams for 30 years and has a proven Sales Managed Environment® program that has helped hundreds of companies drive revenue growth. Our talented fractional sales managers have years of personal sales and sales management experience and have worked with thousands of salespeople across the country.

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Components We Can Include for Your Virtual Fractional Sales Management Program

We will customize your program to your company’s specific needs and objectives. Here are the components that we can include for your customized program:

Robust Sales Meetings – We understand what it takes and will run meetings, establish standards, and keep your salespeople on track. These meetings are the ideal time to provide sales ideas and track the results. Our experienced coach will uncover new motivation to your salespeople.
Weekly Huddles – Your fractional sales manager will make sure your salespeople are focused on the right activities and report on the metrics that matter, mobilizing the team and adding a competitive tone.
Monthly Pipeline Review – Diving into the pipeline details, continually upgrading your prospects, and coaching your people of the quality of leads is an essential component to driving results.
1 on 1 Coaching – Each individual on your team needs personal help to drive skill improvement and optimize calls. Your fractional sales manager will spend the time needed to get to know them and their sales goals, and provide 1-on-1 time to help them close more deals.
Updates with Leadership – We keep the leaders updated and report on accountability measurement improvements.
Sales Evaluations – Optional as needed, we offer the #1 sales evaluation and pioneer in the industry for your sales team to uncover strengths and weaknesses for development.
Online Sales Learning Modules – We can supplement sales coaching with our Effective Selling System, a proven sales system in place for 30 years and fully online, available anytime, any place to provide your salespeople with a stage-based selling approach.

30 years of data tells us: Salespeople reporting to a sales leader with strong coaching skills tend to have 28% more close-able late-stage opportunities.


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With salaries reaching $200,000, here’s why it makes sense to hire our Fractional Sales Manager for a fraction of that cost

  • 30 years of experience developing salespeople into consistent and predictable producers. Sales Managed Environment® program provides us with a sales management structure to grow sales.
  • Targeted training aligned and customized to your business, tailored and specific. Not a canned approach. Training is specific to the market niches each salesperson must penetrate.
  • Sales-experienced coaches who help salespeople focus on the right sales behaviors to grow leads into prospects, prospects into opportunities, and opportunities into sales.
  • Deep-domain experience in financial services with knowledge of industry challenges translates into credibility with training participants and facilitates ready adoption of sales practices.

Hiring a Fractional Sales Manager does not have to be forever. The goal is to enhance the organization, create effective sales strategies, systems and practices, and help your company gain momentum, setting up your sales team for future success. We are knowledgeable sales coaches who will step in for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time person.

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