trainingWe understand the challenge of managing training budgets and the need for internal trainers.

There are many advantages, including the irreplaceable knowledge that internal trainers have gathered about a company’s culture, it’s people and specific programs that have been successful over the years. Our train the trainer program will develop and support your internal trainers to confidently deliver content to your sales and sales management participants.

Our Train the Trainer program will make your internal trainer expert in delivering the following content, for example:

  • Effective Selling System
  • How to Hire Your Next Super Star
  • Prospecting is your #1 Priority
  • Create Engaging Conversations in the Organization of the Future
  • Name your own specific topic to include! (We are happy to discuss)
Your trainers will leave their Train the Trainer sessions with deep knowledge of the content and valuable tips, including how to build in fun activities to promote better participant engagement. We will teach your internal trainers how to make training interesting, how to promote involvement and how to build rapport with their learners. Trainers will understand how to create an environment that is conducive to learning in a fun, yet effective way.

We will provide Train the Trainer PowerPoint presentations per topic, organized with notes and detailed instructional guides. Our Train the Trainer program will help your internal trainers build confidence, depth of knowledge, interesting stories and the chance to customize their own approach because they will practice delivery with the Sales Development Expert at sessions.

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