Tailored, Customized Training Content that is targeted to align specifically with your customers, your culture, and your goals.

Anthony Cole Training Group provides a laser-approach to sales training which optimizes your team’s messaging and communication to their sales segments. This customized, tailored content provides your people with a professional level of credibility that sets them apart and leads to a better exchange of information between customers and salespeople.

Our research allows us to customize our approach to specific industries, clients and even individual salespeople. We’ve assessed and trained thousands of sales leaders and sales professionals and consistently incorporate new, relevant information into our sales development programming.

Based on our history, there are four industries we serve best: Banking, Insurance, Corporate and Professional Services Sales Training. These industries are characterized by complex, longer-cycle, consultative sales of intangible services. Our systems are designed to help salespeople implement a systematic, yet individualized approach that is consultative, targeted and specific to clients and prospects.

Banking Sales Training

Bankers must know their target market intimately. They must be knowledgeable and skilled; ready with the right questions and relevant input when they have an opportunity. We have deep domain expertise in banking and in helping salespeople develop the dialogue to stand out and to connect. We will prepare your RMs and advisors utilizing digital tools like LinkedIn and Vertical IQ. And along with our high touch selling skills, RMs and advisors will engage prospects and build them into buyers. We will help RMs become more courageous and skilled at asking the right questions, encouraging individuals and companies to make optimal financial decisions.

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Insurance Sales Training

The success of an insurance consultant greatly depends on how well he develops and grows his network, how well he markets himself and your company, and his prospecting and follow-up diligence. Our instructors have decades of insurance sales and training experience to help insurance agents and brokers develop and close cases. The agent/ broker of today must speak intelligently and specifically to the issues and problems facing the prospect to which he is selling. We will help your people become masterful at uncovering needs.

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Corporate Sales Training

We have extensive experience working with large corporations customizing our sales training deliverables to their specific needs. Programs are typically multi-layered due to varied geographic locations and line of business verticals. In fact, our experience tailoring solutions for our corporate clients has contributed to the creation and growth of several of our robust programs for sales leadership and hiring better salespeople. We are experienced working with corporate training staff and HR to engineer the right sales training or hiring process.

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Professional Services Sales Training

In the world of customized, knowledge-based sales, such as accounting, engineering and technology, understanding issues and being able to speak to them is the path to differentiation. Digital providers and easily accessible solutions have complicated an already competitive environment and it is paramount that professional service advisors are skilled at prospecting, driving new conversations and building networks. Your salespeople must have the ability to quickly build and sustain trust and to offer specific-to-needs solutions. We will help your company grow in your target niche markets within wholesale and retail, B2C and B2B environments.

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