Why Anthony Cole Training Group?

We honestly could not think of a better way to answer that question than through the eyes of our clients. We asked and this is what they said:

  • An approach that works and the data and 30 years of experience developing salespeople into consistent and predictable producers. Sales Managed Environment® program trains sales leaders to cultivate and implement sales culture and grow sales.
  • Targeted training aligned and customized to your business, tailored and specific. Not a canned approach. Training is specific to the market niches each salesperson must penetrate.
  • Sales-experienced training vets who help salespeople develop the language, the confidence and the steps to grow leads into prospects, prospects into opportunities and opportunities into sales. Role-play and feedback loop with coaches, proven process for hiring only the best sales talent, quick-start for onboarding new hires and coaching for accountability and case-by-case development for seasoned producers.
  • Deep-domain experience in financial services with knowledge of industry challenges translates into credibility with training participants and facilitates ready adoption of concepts, techniques and coaching.
  • Integrated delivery platform has broad bandwidth that serves small firms to Fortune 500 companies. Multiple-touch, spaced-repetition of live and digital delivery facilitates learning and behavioral change.
  • Easy to work partner who is invested in client success.

Thank you, Karen, Michelle, Jeff, John, Steve, Anna, Jerod, Whitey, Steve, Mike for these glowing testimonials!

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