Why Anthony Cole Training Group?

We honestly could not think of a better way to answer that question than through the eyes of our clients. We asked and this is what they said:

  • An approach that works and the data and 30 years of experience developing salespeople into consistent and predictable producers. Sales Managed Environment® program trains sales leaders to cultivate and implement sales culture and grow sales.
  • Targeted training aligned and customized to your business, tailored and specific. Not a canned approach. Training is specific to the market niches each salesperson must penetrate.
  • Sales-experienced training vets who help salespeople develop the language, the confidence and the steps to grow leads into prospects, prospects into opportunities and opportunities into sales. Role-play and feedback loop with coaches, proven process for hiring only the best sales talent, quick-start for onboarding new hires and coaching for accountability and case-by-case development for seasoned producers.
  • Deep-domain experience in financial services with knowledge of industry challenges translates into credibility with training participants and facilitates ready adoption of concepts, techniques and coaching.
  • Integrated delivery platform has broad bandwidth that serves small firms to Fortune 500 companies. Multiple-touch, spaced-repetition of live and digital delivery facilitates learning and behavioral change.
  • Easy to work partner who is invested in client success.

Thank you, Karen, Michelle, Jeff, John, Steve, Anna, Jerod, Whitey, Steve, Mike for these glowing testimonials!

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Deepak Bhakoo
I enthusiastically endorse the Sales and Leadership training offered by Mark Trinkle and Anthony Cole Training Group. They have been invaluable partners to both me and my institution, providing exceptional support in team development and morale enhancement.
Ann Marie Newberry
ACTG has helped our sales team learn how to get out of our own way by ditching the sales pitch and instead asking the important questions when engaging with current or potential clients. Our trainer, Dan Fischer, has a knack for keeping the entire team engaged and not letting anyone hide in the corner during training sessions.
Adam Luton
The Anthony Cole Training Group has helped us to further develop our sales culture and focus our calling efforts. Dan Fischer is experienced, knowledgeable, and highly relatable. I would highly recommend!!
Crystal Tucker
I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan Fisher for over two years. He does a wonderful job of getting you out of your comfort zone and challenging you to rethink how you view being a salesperson. He encourages learning from your peers in your organization as you are all working towards the same goal.
Jeff Hodges
Dan Fischer was great to work with. I’ve been thru multiple sales training programs in my career and the concept Anthony Cole uses is the best I’ve experienced.
Jack Kelleher
Anthony Cole Sales Training and Mark Trinkle have a way of inspiring, motivating and delivering results to their customers. People in the program begin to understand that they are guiding and simply having the conversations that their competitors aren’t. Investing in your sales team is a vital part of sales growth for any organization. It’s a must!
Cesar Suarez
Highly engaging and thought provoking. Only recommended to those who are fully committed.
Jason Hendrix
Mark Trinkle and the team at ACTG offer a top tier program. They have helped our bankers establish a method and understanding of how to sell value over price with the end result being that our bankers are closing more and more meaningful business.
Daniel Padilla
Mark Trinkle at the Anthony Cole Training Group is simply the best there is. If you want your producers to be light years ahead of your competition, I would seriously consider hiring this group.
Nathan Jones
Anthony Cole and Mark Trinkle create a positive next level experience on “how to develop business”. He brings out the best in each of us, engaging us “to be the best version of ourselves”. My lenders look forward to his sessions, motivating, coaching and encouraging our lenders, making the process fun and achievable.