Creating Transformative Branch Conversations at Your Bank

With the myriad of deposit choices now, many bank clients are shopping around, moving their deposits between traditional banks, direct banks, and non-banks. Today’s environment offers banks a great opportunity to drive increased engagement and relationships if you have the right people asking the right questions when your customers (or shoppers) come in the door, chat, or call. What if your bankers were better at relationship banking?

Now more than ever, your bankers need a proactive process to initiate meaningful conversations. They must be skilled at asking important questions to take the focus off the rate and onto the client as a whole. Are your bankers ready?

Top performing banks are arming their people with a transformative approach to initiating distinctive relationships with their clients and prospects, building trust through meaningful conversations. This retail sales training program called Transformative Branch Conversations will provide an approach to developing your people, who are the essential differentiator for your bank from the many digital options.

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“Anthony Cole Training Group has become a partner. Introducing “sales” to a community bank retail team is a very daunting task. Cultural fit is probably the most important component to get the buy in to any message that is being delivered. Our trainer has been spot on with our team, he took the time to understand us and he is making an impact on a team of bankers ranging from 45 years in banking to 2 months. The material, the delivery, the support team are all first class. We expect to expand and deepen our engagement with Anthony Cole.”

– EVP, Chief Banking Officer

Fostering Transformative Branch Conversations

How is your bank addressing the changing customer trends, and decreasing reliance on the branch network for their solutions?

Consider the impact your branch people can have. Top performing banks are arming their people with a transformative approach to initiating distinctive relationships with their clients and prospects, building trust through meaningful conversations. This retail training curriculum will provide an approach to develop your people, helping them to evolve from transactional service providers to become more proactive financial guides for your clients.

By participating in our Retail Banking sales training, participants will:

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The CARE Retail Sales Training Approach for Finding and Deepening Relationships

At the very core of the CARE Retail Sales Training Approach, we help retail bankers understand these three concepts:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Show you care.
  3. Be confident and curious.

In most cases, your retail bankers have an inbound customer who has an issue or a transaction that must be taken care of. Bankers are trained and usually adept at taking care of that transaction but they typically miss the next step; relating that transaction to a broader conversation. They do not feel comfortable transitioning to the broader conversation to more fully understand their customer’s goals. Here is an example of a component of the CARE Retail Sales Training Approach that really helps retail bankers:

Transaction Trigger: “I am so glad that we were able to help you today with your CD (or equity loan or credit card). We really appreciate your business.”

Confident Positioning: “At ABC Bank, we believe that everybody has a right to have the financial security that they think or dream about.  So, every time I get a chance to meet one of our clients, I want to make sure that they are on the path to a strong financial future.”

“Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions?”

The focus here is on the customer, not the bank or the products of the bank. That is an important distinction for the retail banker. The CARE approach is customized to the individual banker as well as the bank’s culture. From this initial transaction discussion, we then help retail bankers develop, practice and become comfortable with a series of questions to ask, again with a focus on more fully understanding the broader goals and financial picture of the client. To achieve this, we often have to help retail bankers address some personal beliefs about asking questions, helping them get out of their comfort zone. It does take some courage to try and engage at a deeper level but those bankers who do, really enjoy the expanded conversations and trust that they achieve with their clients. CARE works!

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“This program separates itself from other programs in that it builds off of a banker’s common desire to help others. Each session ties back to bankers positioning themselves as helpers, guides and valuable resources for the communities they serve. This program is ideal for community banks of our size.”

– Retail Banker