Hiring the Best Sales People

Does your company struggle with hiring salespeople?

Finding and hiring the right salespeople who will not only sell but who will also thrive in your culture is often a serious challenge. We help clients develop a world-class, sales-specific hiring process to identify, attract, assess, interview, select, hire, onboard, and retain the best sales talent who will succeed in your business within the parameters of your pricing model, competition, and challenges.

Our Hire Better Salespeople process is customized to address your company’s specific situation. We recognize that some firms have a process in place for hiring salespeople and may just need help in specific areas, so we’ve developed a flexible approach. For instance:

  • You may need help developing the right job profile and improving your job postings so that you attract more of the right candidates.
  • You may want a more efficient process to screen, assess and interview viable candidates.
  • Perhaps your onboarding is not enough to ensure your hire meets production expectations

Anthony Cole Helps You Hire the Best Sales Talent

Hiring usually touches many areas of your business including management, HR, and training so we work with each of these areas to make sure that we maximize your company resources when hiring the best salespeople.

“Tony Cole helped transform our organization. No fluff. But the way we recruit, coach and use data is forever changed. The results have been dramatic.”                                                                                                –VP and Manager, Employee Benefits, First National Insurance Agency

We have three specific areas that differentiate our hiring approach

Define Your Sales Candidate Profile & Hiring Standard

Establish the right candidate profile and job postings for your specific situation. Use this standard to compare. All candidates must meet your specific standards.

Screen and Interview Your Sales Team Candidates

Utilize a sales specific assessment early in the process. Then use a properly constructed telephone pre-interview to pre-qualify for a face-to-face interview.

Onboard, Track Activities and Coach New Hires

The first 90 days are critical! Our coaches establish metrics, track activities and coach weaknesses so new hires hit your required production targets.