business meetingIn most companies, sales leaders have earned their way to manager by demonstrating exceptional selling skills.

However, this person may not possess the skills they need to coach and motivate others to prospect and sell effectively.

The skills necessary for coaching and leading others are very different from sales skills. Anthony Cole Training Group understands this and has a sales performance management program that trains managers how to get the best from their salespeople.

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Our trademarked Sales Managed Environment® (SME™) program teaches your sales managers the Coaching Awardnecessary sales performance management skills to grow sales. Each manager completes an assessment that establishes a baseline.  Armed with that information, we train each manager to maximize sales performance management in these specific areas:

  1. Coach for Success: Change behaviors and improve skills. Go beyond coaching just the deal at hand
  2. Motivate and Mentor: Motivation is an inside-out job and sales leaders learn how each individual is wired to better affect behavioral change
  3. Performance Management: Set higher standards for success and hold people accountable to the standards
  4. Recruit & Upgrade the Sales Team: Recruit “A” players and continually upgrade the bench
  5. Coach an Effective Selling System: Managers become masterful at coaching sales people to consistently use the Effective Selling System–the key to selling more business, more quickly at higher margins

Every company’s needs differ based on the tenure and skill levels of the leadership team. See below for options.

SME QuickStart

A front-end infusion of Performance Management, Coaching and Motivating–Sales leaders will make immediate impact on salespeople and the bottom line. The QuickStart option includes 1. On-site training (1-2 days) 2. Live Web-casts and 3. Online learning. QuickStart is designed to get leaders ahead of salespeople before sales training begins.

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SME Integrated

This optimal ongoing program includes training in all five of the SME components and is integrated with delivery of the Effective Sales System to the sales team. As an example, we might spend a half day training your salespeople in the Effective Selling System, and the other half day training managers on motivating and coaching these essential skills.

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SME Certification Program

For those looking to maximize sales management, this 18-month program includes 1. Strengths and weaknesses assessment 2. On-site sessions (4-6), 3. Online learning, 4. Web-cast meetings, 5. One-on-one phone coaching. Concludes in On-the-Job Certification Capstone. Sales managers certified through this program are expert in all aspects of sales performance management.

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Not sure which approach might be right for you?

Check out our 3 introductory samples:

High Touch Coaching

What is the coach’s role in today’s world of fast paced technology and information? The buyer now has access to everything at their fingertips. Thus, your relationship managers must be skilled and ready when they have the opportunity to meet with a prospect. High Touch Coaching focuses on a 5-step coaching model to help your team compete in this high-tech world.

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Motivational Sales Meetings

Draw from a robust selection of sales skill videos to show at your sales meetings and help your salespeople leverage pre-call planning, prospecting, qualifying, closing and managing their pipeline.  Each Sales Meeting Module includes several 2 to 5-minute videos, a practical exercise and teaching tips.  Take your sales meetings to the next level!

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How to Hire Better Salespeople

Learn a proven process and methodology which eliminates hiring mistakes and errors commonly made in the hiring process. Improve sourcing, screening, qualifying, hiring and communicating your company’s onboarding expectations. Utilize a world-class candidate screen assessment to ensure that your sales candidate can and will sell for your company.

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