Professional Services Sales TrainingMany experts in professional services fields find the word “selling” uncomfortable.

If that describes your team, we can help you build a service-oriented approach that will not scare your people. In many cases, your advisors are already using sales related skills, but we’ll help them further define a process that focuses on asking the right questions, uncovering prospect needs, and building creative solutions. This helps them further define and deliver their personal and company value effectively.

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professional services graphOur professional services evaluation identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team by identifying the specific traits needed to be an effective consultant and comparing them to proven performers. How good are your advisors in these skill areas?

In the world of customized, knowledge-based professional sales, such as accounting, engineering and legal services, being an expert consultant is the path to differentiation. Every day your advisors are selling clients on ideas and recommendations, but how effective are they? We will make certain that each of your consultants is equipped to ask great questions, listen well and offer solutions in a way that is effective and consistent for your industry.

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