Consultative Sales Coaching

Achieve Sales Growth During Uncertain Times

Individual Sales Coaching That Delivers Immediate Results

If you need one or several of your salespeople to increase sales results but aren’t sure where to start, we can help!  Our 6-month Sales Growth Coaching Program is developed to help your salespeople find, develop, qualify, and close more deals. And, we’ll teach them to develop and use these skills in a virtual setting as easily as they can in real world environments.

A personal Sales Growth Coach will be assigned to monitor and track each individual’s sales activities, coaching, and holding them accountable for behaviors that will produce revenue. Practice and role play are a big part of this program’s success formula.

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Sales Growth Coach Program

Just $600.00 per month for 5 months

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6-Month Sales Coaching Program Includes:

  1. In-depth sales evaluation
  2. Twelve phone coaching sessions – 2 per month for 6 months
  3. Sales activity Success Tracker and weekly report for 6 months
  4. 6-course online sales library
  5. Library of recorded sales webinars
  6. Weekly Sales Brew and portal to sales materials
  7. Bi-monthly Manager progress calls to review progress


We have entered into a new reality when it comes to sales and business success moving forward. In order to stay ahead of the curve, and your competition, you need salespeople who are as comfortable in a virtual environment as they are in face-to-face meetings. Anthony Cole Training has been working with virtual technology for decades, which places us in a unique position to train your salespeople to garner success even in uncertain times. We can give your team the tools and knowledge to employ consultative selling techniques in any environment.

Help Your Salespeople Reach Their Potential:

Our 6-month Sales Growth Coach Program will help your salespeople learn communication skills that will grab the attention of prospects. We will improve their sales skills through practice, role play and strategy development for short and long-term success.

The Sales Growth Coach Program is ideal for Onboarding of New Producers or helping a strong salesperson reach their potential!

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  • Our Sales Coaching Program helped one insurance producer grow new business from $5k to $20k per month on a consistent basis.

  • An insurance client increased production 27% with our coaching program at a time when the industry was down!