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We live in the “experience economy.” Customers expect great experiences with all their partners, especially with those they entrust with their life savings or the biggest investment of their lifetime.

It is more important than ever before that your relationship managers, lenders and frontline personnel are adept at having the right conversations with clients and prospects. Access to virtual services has accelerated in the last couple of years and many bank and non-bank competitors are fighting for customers. Now is the time to focus on developing your relationship managers into customer focused, problem-solving advisors. Our Banking Sales Training can help your relationship managers become more skilled at having consultative conversations that revolve around asking the right questions and enough questions, all focused on the goal of helping the client make sound financial decisions for today and the future.

We are Banking Sales Training specialists. We have been working with community and regional banks for 30 years now and we understand the challenges in the marketplace and within the bank. We can help your bankers evolve to the new environment where competition is tougher but the need for a caring and knowledgeable relationship still matters. What differentiates a great banker from a mediocre one? We can help you discover that.

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A Competitive Banking Environment calls for Customized Banking Sales Training

All community and regional banks have a unique culture, often tied to the communities they serve. We honor that culture and work closely with senior management to customize a sales training approach that “fits.” It is still entirely possible to have a service first mentality and develop bankers to be confident in their ability to probe and uncover the needs to more fully serve the client. In fact, they must!

Consumers are increasingly comfortable expanding their financial relationships beyond the traditional banking system. Apple, Google, PayPal and Amazon are tough competitors. But banks have advantages that can be leveraged more effectively with Banking Sales Training. Your bankers can become skilled enough to become the only banker your customers need. They will learn how to augment their clients’ many tech solutions with the human connection. The skillful ability to ask, listen intently, probe and empathize establishes a relationship and earns trust. These relationship components are so important when dealing with the financial health of families and futures including retirement, education savings and other important life goals.

Your relationship managers need to be your most important “smart” solution; ready with a consultative approach to uncover a prospect’s needs and assist individuals and companies in making important financial decisions. That is where we can help.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Deep Domain Expertise in banks, insurance and financial services and industries requiring knowledgeable, longer-sales cycle, consultative salespeople
Instructors are Sales-Experienced Training Veterans with extensive financial services knowledge and experience delivering, role-playing, recruiting, on-boarding and coaching salespeople and sales managers
Sales Managed Environment® Certification – Sales leaders are trained to cultivate and grow company sales culture and results
30 Years of Data & Experience developing salespeople into consistent & predictable producers
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Banking Sales Training Programs

There are differences in the department and roles within the bank and the business development approach your relationship managers must take. We get that – Anthony Cole Training Group has an intimate understanding of the banking industry and deep domain experience delivering customized Banking Sales Training programs that are targeted and specific. We work with all lines of business including commercial, small business banking, retail and wealth. We do not offer a one-size fits all approach but there is a framework that is consistent so that the Banking Sales Training provides a unified structure for a consistent client experience and for the Bank.

We tailor the retail banking sales training to help our frontline bankers become much more confident with transitioning from the transaction at hand to broader conversations. We also help retail bankers with outbound client and prospect calling, a must for most banks with the decline of branch traffic.

We work with your commercial lenders to help them differentiate their value in the marketplace to better handle rate shoppers, negotiate terms and retain clients. Our sales training approach is also tailored to the specific marketplace your lenders must penetrate, for example, ag banking.

You can find out more information below on how we customize our Banking Sales Training to specific business lines for your bank.


With our Banking Sales Training, you’ll gain access to the sales training approach used successfully by many high growth banks in the US:

An evaluation of your team that provides data on how your salespeople compare on the 21 Core Sales Competencies to all salespeople, the top 10% and the banking industry specifically.
Using this data, we customize our Banking Sales Training Proven Process to your specific bank’s culture and growth goals.
We help your organization develop a sales management framework for sales leaders, with our proprietary Sales Managed Environment ® program, focused on helping them manage performance, coach, motivate, and recruit.
We next work with your sales team to implement a milestone-centric Effective Selling System, once again customized to your culture and markets.
We can help you find quality talent with our Hire Better Bankers System helping you to hire the right people for your sales jobs.
Our CARE Retail Sales Process can help everyone on the retail side of the bank feel good about selling even if they are afraid to sell.
Our Sales Growth Coach program offers 1 on 1 coaching for new or high-potential relationship managers, providing them with a personal sales evaluation, a personal coach, regular coaching calls, and online learning.

“23 years in banking and this program has made me a better banker.”

Once implemented, our Banking Sales Training will help your relationship managers, lenders, wealth advisors and new account reps become more confident and assertive when they share their value prop and follow their sales process. Our clients tell us that our unique “drill for skill” approach that includes practice and role play pushes their salespeople past their current boundaries and helps them create a better comfort level, connecting with their prospects. We help your salespeople get comfortable with the art of asking questions and having a quality conversation, not with a canned approach, but with a sales process that takes into consideration the practical reality and changes that they encounter in the field. In fact, we have been told that our Banking Sales Training helps relationship managers grow and think differently about their role in the bank – they feel more empowered and have more ownership for their outcomes.

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Actively Involved with Many Bank Associations

Our experienced sales development experts have firsthand experience and knowledge of banking. We understand the challenges of the industry. We are active and deliver many workshops annually for the top banking associations such as:

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Free eBook for Bank CEOs & Sales Execs
How do you know if your bankers can and will sell? In this free eBook, learn about The 21 Core Sales Competencies assessment that provides the data on how your lenders and relationship managers rank compared to others in the banking industry. Do your people have the desire, commitment, and sales competencies to succeed at finding and building relationships?

  • THE WILL TO SELL: Learn whether your bankers have the Desire and Commitment it takes to be successful in sales.
  • SALES DNA: Sales DNA is at the core of salespeople, and explains whether they have strengths that will support desirable outcomes or weaknesses that will sabotage those outcomes.
  • COMPETENCIES: The sales competencies give detailed insight into the skills and strengths that a banker possesses. Some of the competencies we measure include Hunting, Consultative Selling, Qualifying, Getting to Decision Makers, Selling Value, and Social Selling.

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