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How do I stop hiring
these sales losers?

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Hiring is like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you’re gonna get…

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80% of my sales
are coming from
20% of my salespeople.
How do I find more
of these?

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How do I find the
salesperson who will
sell the most?





Closing the Sales Opportunity Gap

We deliver solutions focused on what matters most. Your sales growth & results.

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Hire Better

Stop hiring ghosts & decoys.  Use the science to hiring the right salespeople with our Hire-Better-Sales-People program.

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Coach Better

The missing link?  There are 9 keys to being an effective coach and the majority of sales managers do not use them. 

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Sell Better

We will help reboot your salespeople by teaching them how to disqualify the tire-kickers who distract them.

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