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Anthony Cole Training has developed a market-tested sales training approach that drives results because we work closely with your salespeople and managers, to help them develop the language, the skills and the behaviors to more effectively sell, coach and hire. When working with us, you partner with professionals who hold themselves accountable for growing your company’s revenue. We tailor our sales training programs to fit your specific priorities and we customize it to fit each of your target markets.

Get to know us and learn how we can help your organization close your sales opportunity gap by focusing on what matters most – improving the effectiveness of your salespeople and increasing sales results.

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Helping Insurance Companies Sell, Coach, and Hire Better

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We are Your Professional Sales Trainers & Coaches

Our almost 30 years of experience have taught us what it takes to deliver professional sales training. We begin each engagement with the right sales evaluation and data to help us understand your organization’s sales process, what systems you have in place and the sales strengths and weaknesses of your sales group. This is the diagnostic that helps us to customize your sales training and coaching program. Our goals are to fully understand which of the 21 Core Sales Competencies your salespeople need to master and to help your coaches improve dramatically in the areas of coaching, performance management, motivating, and recruiting.

Our professional sales training and coaching involve understanding your current selling system and making certain that it is as effective as it can be. We will help customize our Effective Selling System to your sales culture and target audience. Your salespeople will learn to follow a stage-based milestone-centric sales process, which is a proven skill of elite producers. We customize our training to your unique company, helping your salespeople stand out by teaching them to have conversations that resonate and engage. Selling is a conversation, not a script so your salespeople must become very comfortable and will need plenty of practice and role play to get there.

Over time, our goal is to improve every metric we establish, define and improve your sales culture, build upon your vision and drive positive change to improve your team’s selling, coaching, and hiring for increased results.

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Insurance Sales Training is our Specialty

We are Insurance Sales Training specialists. Anthony Cole Training Group’s first client 30 years ago was an insurance firm because our founder Tony Cole came out of the insurance industry. 30 years later, we understand the approach and expertise needed to be successful in this evolving industry. We understand the challenges created by the digital evolution, the new regulatory changes and the increased demand for personalized services. We can help your agents evolve to the new environment where competition is tougher but the need for a caring and knowledgeable advisor still matters. Insurance is a complex and intangible business, making it critical that advisors be knowledgeable with deep consultative skills.

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30 Years of Banking Sales Training

It is more important than ever before that your relationship managers, lenders and frontline personnel are adept at having the right conversations with clients and prospects. Access to virtual services has accelerated in the last couple of years and many bank and non-bank competitors are fighting for customers. Now is the time to focus on developing your relationship managers into customer focused, problem-solving advisors. Our Banking Sales Training can help your relationship managers become more skilled at having consultative conversations that revolve around asking the right questions and enough questions, all focused on the goal of helping the client make sound financial decisions for today and the future.

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30Years Experience
220Clients Over the Last 5 Years
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The Role of Online and Virtual Sales Training

The last several years of remote offices, decreased travel and pandemic precautions have helped us evolve all of our learning tools to the next level. Our sales training and coaching have always included online coursework and virtual instructor-led programming. We provide our participants with multiple learning segments and deliver these in various modes because learners process information differently and they must have repetition and consistency to help change behavior. Online learning helps to communicate and teach concepts with a self-practice application to help put theory into sales practice. Virtual sessions with our coaches are very similar to onsite instructor-led programming. We spend time both demonstrating and practicing sales techniques. Even virtually, salespeople and managers can feel that they are in the same room together – it is experiential in nature.

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