EvaluationsMost organizations we work with must reach the “next” level of sales revenue and net income.

They are often successful, growing companies that need answers to the following questions: “Can we get to the next level within —?”, “Do we have the right team to get us there?” and “How long will it take?” We can help.

Engagements usually begin with a Sales Force Performance Evaluation, which provides an in-depth look at the organization’s salespeople, their systems, processes, and overall strategies and priorities. This sales force performance evaluation helps identify the most serious issues affecting sales team performance and provides a customized road map for planning an effective and meaningful sales training program.


sales evaluationsIn addition, the Sales Force Performance Evaluation will:

  • Reveal the quality of your sales pipeline
  • Reveal the effectiveness of your sales management efforts
  • Discover any misalignment at sales level with current or planned strategy at corporate level
  • Alert you to problems with your current hiring criteria

We can show you

  1. If your salespeople are capable of executing your growth strategies,
  2. How comfortable they are with your model for going to market, and
  3. Explain why sales opportunities are lost or stalled.

We will identify those salespeople who can perform more effectively and what you must do in order to help them reach their full selling potential. We can also identify current non-performers who can be saved, predict how long it will take, and define the help needed to make them productive.

Does your company need to go from “Good to Great”? We can identify those people who will help you achieve that goal and those people who will not be additive.

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Can You Sell vs. Will You Sell

In the assessments we do of sales organizations, salespeople, and sales managers; we look for an individual’s willingness to be successful in selling. There is a big difference between “Can You Sell” vs. “Will You Sell”.


We Manage the Entire Process for You

The evaluation begins with an online sales specific assessment link which is sent to your salespeople, sales managers and Sales VP (if one exists). The assessment, which is processed online, takes about 45 minutes to complete. Individual and team results are then presented to your Leaders and the results are used to build your company’s customized sales growth development roadmap.

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