Our custom training programs are always tailored to the needs of your organization.

We develop comprehensive custom sales training programs that are tailored to your customer segments. A revenue-producing training program requires your people to have more than a consistent sales process! They must know how to approach their target segments, first to get the buyer’s attention. Then they must know how to speak the language and get to next steps. We will turn average salespeople into top producers by guiding them each step of the way.

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Four of our comprehensive custom programs:

Effective Selling System

This program is designed to help your salespeople implement a consistent and unique selling system. We will help your salespeople develop the language they need, learn to ask the right questions, qualify prospects and provide all the tools necessary so that your team will meet sales growth targets. We will drill-for-skill so that your salespeople are masterful at speaking the prospect’s language.

Your salespeople will get the buyer’s attention with their credibility.

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Sales Managed Environment®

Our SME™ program will transform your sales managers. They will become excellent at managing performance for results, at coaching to develop each sales scenario, at understanding and motivating each individual salesperson to be their best, at recruiting only the best candidates and at implementing and holding people accountable.

We will help your sales managers build and implement a sales environment that will grow revenue.

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Sales Growth Coaching Program

If you need one or several of your salespeople to increase sales results but aren’t sure where to start, we can help! Our Sales Growth Coaching Program is developed to help your salespeople find, develop, qualify, and close more deals. And, we’ll teach them to develop and use these skills in a virtual setting as easily as they can in real world environments. A personal Sales Growth Coach will be assigned to monitor and track each individual’s sales activities, coaching, and holding them accountable for behaviors that will produce revenue.

The Sales Growth Coach Program is ideal for onboarding of new producers or helping a strong salesperson reach their potential!

Need a personal Growth Coach for your Sales Managers?

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Leadership Development

Leaders often fall back on “getting things done” daily management activities but for your organization to attain greater results, it may be in need of Leadership activities that are more focused on setting direction, creating a vision, and motivating and inspiring your people. Leadership Development for yourself or your executive team can help you (1) determine how to develop more engaged and motivated employees, (2) discover if everyone has a clear vision of what success looks like and (3) create a plan to encourage both organizational and individual success.

As a leader, if you believe that mastering important leadership skills for you or your staff will help your entire organization succeed… we should talk.

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Let’s Build a Program Together that Fits Your Needs

Anthony Cole Training customizes and tailors sales training content to meet your needs. A thorough assessment helps us understand your sales organization and your sales staff, profile, priorities, strengths and weaknesses. We work closely with you to establish specific goals and expected outcomes and then develop an integrated program consisting of instructor-led training, live Zoom-casts, individual and group phone coaching, online learning and Success Tracker. We conduct monthly or quarterly review meetings with Leadership Team to gauge progress and adjust as needed.

Let us help you build your ultimate revenue-generating custom sales training program.