Sales Management Training

Effective Sales Managers are Your #1 Sales Resource

A good sales manager helps salespeople by arming them with the skills, knowledge and strategies to help them be successful. A good coach motivates people by managing their individual strengths, hopes and dreams, by holding them accountable, and by helping them recover from negative encounters. Today, a good sales manager must be both a good manager and a good coach.

As you evaluate the sales management skills of your sales leadership team, here are some of the questions that we answer for our clients:

  • Are we maximizing our sales management approach?
  • Are there important skills that we haven’t yet developed or mastered?
  • Are there weaknesses preventing us from being as effective as we can be?

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Grow Your Team’s Success with Effective Sales Management Training

  • Success metrics – what to measure
  • A process for setting Extraordinary goals
  • Your role – the Shadow of the Leader
  • Learn how to manage excuse-making and build ownership
  • Identify the commitment levels of each team member
  • The difference between leading, managing, and coaching
  • Understanding The Will to Sell and Sales DNA
  • What activities need coaching, how and when to coach
  • 5 Keys to Coaching Process
  • Coaching the Pre and Post Call
  • Characteristics of The Motivator
  • Understanding how your people are motivated
  • Effective goal setting & action steps for personal goal setting
  • Business goal setting and individual Success Formulas
  • Effective huddles and sales meeting
  • Cost of underperformers
  • The hiring process – 6 steps
  • Candidate profile and recruiting formula
  • Assessing – if you knew would you hire?
  • The 5-minute interview & behavioral-based interview question
  • Onboarding process, checklist and questions to answer
  • Understand the steps of a stage-based effective selling system
  • How to coach each step in the sales process
  • Help your people get a Yes or No
  • Are they really ready to present?
  • How to close, cultivate and grow relationships

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We Help Develop Your Sales Managers to Become Sales Leaders

As an exclusive certified Business Partner of Objective Management Group, Anthony Cole Training Group uses the OMG Sales Assessment Tools for our Sales Management Effectiveness evaluations. Based on our history with this valuable tool, we know that there are four sales management skills that a highly effective sales manager must master.

We have built our Sales Managed Environment sales management training program to develop sales leaders who excel in these 4 key areas:

Coaching – The key to helping your salespeople improve and generate more revenue – intentional, personal and ongoing coaching to improve skills, go beyond closing just the deal at hand.
Motivating – The days of sales management cheerleading may be a thing of the past but the ability to motivate one or many to change a behavior, put forth more effort, push through their comfort zone or rally around a goal is more important than ever.
Setting Standards – The disciplined ability to hold salespeople accountable to something measurable, usually some predetermined metrics, on a daily or weekly basis allows managers to review forward looking indicators rather than lagging indicators.
Recruiting & Upgrading – It is becoming more important to have the right salespeople in the right roles, have A and B players instead of B and C players, and to get it right when selecting candidates.

Certainly, the amount of time that sales managers dedicate to the development of their people is an essential part of their success. As the chart reflects, an effective sales manager spends at least 80% of their time coaching, motivating, measuring performance and recruiting.

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Tony Cole on 10% Difference

Sales Managers must spend intentional coaching time with their salespeople in order to get from where they are today to where they need to be. Find out the difference you can make by learning how to coach the 10% difference with your sales team. Great sales results can come from small incremental improvements in key sales skills.


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Sales Management Training that Creates High-Performing Teams

Our effective sales management training has been utilized for over 30 years by companies across the country to help those in charge of sales teams drive increased relationships and revenue. Your managers will gain a sales management framework to learn how to become better at coaching, sales performance management, motivating their teams, and recruiting and hiring sales talent.

Benefits of our sales management training:

✅ Learn what sales activities, behaviors & crucial metrics must be tracked

✅ Develop a Sales Success Formula for the sales team and coach them to it

✅ Drive greater accountability with the sales team by eliminating excuses

✅ Motivate salespeople with a 1 on 1 Extraordinary Goal Setting

✅ Fully understand the profile of a successful salesperson

✅ Utilize weekly meetings and huddles to address burning platform issues

✅ Understand and coach Will to Sell & Sales DNA of salespeople

Utilize a systematic approach to coaching – the 5 Keys to Coaching

✅ Execute effective pre, post-call, and observational calls with salespeople

✅ Learn a stage-based sales process to utilize with salespeople

✅ Improve interviewing skills for identifying sales winners and decoys

✅ Build a candidate pipeline for hiring successful salespeople

✅ Help salespeople create their Ideal Week, to better self-manage their time

✅ Learn onboarding questions & processes for new salesperson success

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What are Sales Leaders saying about our Sales Management Training?
“We would not recommend you to our competition!”
“The content of this training was spot-on.  I do feel I am better prepared to coach my team to help them improve their performance.  What made this training extraordinary was Mark’s skilled presentation skills and delivery.  In our 30 years of being involved in different training, this was by far the highest quality and most relevant.  Mark provided real life examples that were extremely valuable.”
“This course Exceeded my expectations.  Accountability – overcoming excuses when they are valid reasons. Building and maintaining a recruiting pipeline, great session on developing USA, would like to continue to grow mine, would like this segment for my team.”
“The best training I have attended in my 10+ years of banking leadership.”
“Really benefited from the role playing – both participating and observing.  I like the review - finding what motivates your people, connecting to the heart.  I like the extraordinary conversations.”
“Our trainer was inspiring!  His interaction with the group starting with challenging us, praising, opening up minds to think differently.  His ability to relate to the team allowed for an engaging 2 ½ days with role playing, questions and fun!”
"I’ve done a lot of "sales training". This is the most honest, informative and practical I have ever participated in.”