The last year of the pandemic and the rise of virtual access to work has re-emphasized the need for good quality online learning for most companies. This increase in hybrid work (in and out of the office) will mean more hybrid learning and development, and organizations are looking to immersive online sales training programs to help.

In the past, online and virtual sales training were often supplemental, supported by in-person instructor-led training. While most companies are back to delivering some in person training, many of the financial firms we work with are looking for an increased level of bank sales training online and online insurance sales training. But the process of training sales skills virtually is difficult. Unlike product training, it is not enough for a salesperson to know the functionality of their services, they must also be skilled at asking enough good questions, being a consultative salesperson, and differentiating themselves as a personal or business advisor. These are soft selling skills.

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Well-designed online sales training is key.

That’s why we developed our Sales and Sales Management Online Learning – a web-based learning platform that delivers sales training programs online, and sits at the heart of an integrated learning solution. Our online sales learning is built to engage and inspire sellers and sales leaders, provide engaging exercises for optimal learning and drive long-term change in behavior and sales results.

Online Sales Training

We help learners learn with micro online sales training videos.

In a recent research study, 69% of participants preferred to watch a short video than read an article or document.  As a learning tool, our micro videos engage, entertain, and enable role play examples, critical to seeing and understanding the nuances of a real conversation with a prospect. Online sales training learners see how the conversation should go and then practice and learn that approach by trying it themselves.

Online Videos & Courses

Online sales training videos and courses bring sales skills to life. Learners see effective sales conversations along with an understanding of how they relate to an effective sales system.


A micro-learning content approach delivers skill specific lessons through bite-sized chunks of content, rich with videos and learning exercises, that encourage self-learning.


Courses include practice exercises, quizzes and role play videos with a coach journal feedback loop and certifications. We also provide regular completion reporting for your team.

Anytime, Anyplace

There is no reason to be stuck in a classroom or even within the company building with our mobile friendly online learning courses, available anytime, anyplace.

Online Sales Training for Salespeople

We offer a full suite of experiential sales courseware for salespeople covering essential skills such as: targeting and prospecting with social media, qualifying prospects, consultative and value selling, personal goal setting and closing. Online Sales Learning Libraries are customized to our clients’ specific areas of development and easily accessed via our online sales learning platform.The following online sales training courses are available within a standalone online library or as a part of a blended learning program in combination with instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training.

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Sample one of our sales online courses:

Online Sales Management Training for Sales Managers

Built from our proprietary Sales Managed Environment® content, Sales Managers will learn how to: improve performance management skills, coach their team for skill improvement, motivate through goal setting and develop their people with a more effective selling system. Our online sales management training will help your sales managers be more effective at coaching salespeople, developing skills and changing behaviors.

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Virtual Sales Growth Coach

If you need one or several of your salespeople to increase sales results but aren’t sure where to start, we can help!  Our 6-month Sales Growth Coaching Program is developed to help your salespeople find, develop, qualify, and close more deals. And, we’ll teach them to develop and use these skills in a virtual setting as easily as they can in real world environments. We also have a coaching program for managers.

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