Solutions: Effective Selling System

“I’m pretty sure they’ll buy. They really liked us.
I’m supposed to call them next week.”


257513 - analytics bar chart currency diagram dollar earninYou know you have a problem if you are hearing these comments frequently from your salespeople. 92% of the companies we evaluate have ineffective sales processes and/or salespeople who cannot execute on the sales process. Our sales evaluation will tell us if you have the right people. It will also show us the strengths and weaknesses they have in the sales role of hunter, consultative selling, closer, qualifier, account manager, and farmer. Armed with this personal information about each salesperson on your team, we will craft a training plan that can be customized to address the specific areas of development for each sales person.  We will also provide your sales manager this developmental roadmap for each person on their team and teach them how to use it to coach their salespeople.

Case Study: Process Tripled New Business Loans

Do you have the right salespeople?

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Do they have a passion for success in selling?

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Are they willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in selling?

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Do they take responsibility or blame someone else?

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How do they feel about themselves, the industry, the company and the economy?

The presence of Crucial Elements determines whether a person can sell, and more importantly, will they sell.

Also, will they grow, are they coachable and trainable.

There are quite a few factors that contribute to an ineffective sales system:

  • Sales Managers come from different companies, each sales manager has their own selling system
  • Sales Managers are unable to train or coach the system to the sales force
  • The selling system is not intuitive or simple
  • The selling system doesn’t engage prospects
  • The selling system doesn’t deliver consistent results
  • Salespeople do not have the skills or sales DNA needed to be successful

We will introduce your team to the Effective Selling System:

  • Always be prospecting
  • Uncover the prospect’s compelling mental anguish for change
  • Address their capacity of time, money, resources
  • Gain agreement and commitment
  • Close by presenting effectively

When this process is used consistently, your salespeople will sell more business, more quickly, and at higher margins.

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participants have learned from the sales training.

I have attended many sales training sessions in my 15 plus years in sales and this by far was the best training I have attended. I actually used the process the day after the class and uncovered 3 opportunities. Facilitator made the class both fun and informative.

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Find out if you have the Right People!