Sales Effectiveness TrainingTechnology has completely changed the world of selling.

Today’s buyers educate themselves online and have already gathered most of the information they need by the time you meet them. But a consultative salesperson’s advice and guidance are still valuable differentiators that can be very effective.

Our sales effectiveness training helps salespeople become more consultative, more targeted and consequently more personal in their approach. Each salesperson will develop a process to uncover prospect pains and needs and will be coached in the best ways to ask difficult budget and decision-making questions.

We are Your Effective Sales Training Experts

Our sales effectiveness training approach helps salespeople develop professional courage, build rapport so that they become a trusted advisor.

Today, effective selling is so much more than just focusing on closing a sale.

Anthony Cole Training has developed the Effective Selling System (ESS) program to offer a customizable approach to sales effectiveness training.  Our instructor-led programming is supported by our robust online sales learning modules, live Zoom-casts and highly effective personal phone coaching.

The ultimate result of sales effectiveness training is that your salespeople will be able to work more closely with prospective business owners and CEOs. By asking the right questions, they will help buyers make decisions to better achieve their goals.

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Here’s how our participants describe the impact of the training
“I definitely feel like I am more prepared to be a consultative salesperson”
“I've become very 'non-salesy' in process”
“I am less of a typical salesperson than I used to be”
“I ask much better questions, bring the conversations with prospect to a decision point much faster, making the sales process more efficient”
“Drill down questions allow me to not waste time on prospects we don't want”
“Challenges my process. Makes me better”
“Professional courage, it’s okay to walk away”
“The instructor helps give the tools to approach situations with courage and competency”
My training through Anthony Cole has been nothing short of life-changing. My comfort zone has been completely re-defined, which has given me the confidence to have the discussions resulting in a $3 million increase in my total pipeline”
“Awesome training session – thanks for helping me learn how to listen and to get more out of a conversation.”
“ACTG has opened my eyes to a whole new way of selling. A better way of selling. I would absolutely recommend ACTG to another company.”