The Most Common Sales Objections | Part 3


Hello, this is Mark Trinkle from Anthony Cole Training Group, and I’m thrilled to bring you the third installment of our three-part series on handling sales objections. If you’ve been following our series, great! If not, I recommend going back to catch up.

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The Most Common Sales Objections | Part 3

Two weeks ago, Jack Kasel set the stage by emphasizing that objections are not just hurdles; they’re opportunities. Last week, Dan Fischer delved into addressing the common objection of loyalty to a competitor. Today, in part three, I want to tackle the objection related to time – when prospects express the need to delay a project.

Timing is crucial, and learning about potential delays should happen early in the conversation. However, let’s focus on what to do when faced with the objection of needing to postpone a decision. It’s not an ideal situation, especially during a presentation meant to secure a decision.

Consider this perspective: aim to close 100% of your qualified opportunities. Closing doesn’t necessarily mean a positive decision; it means obtaining a clear outcome. Whether they accept your proposal or choose to stick with their current provider, closure is key.

In reality, many opportunities linger without a resolution. Deals seem like planes circling the airport without landing. When a prospect expresses interest but wants to delay, don’t settle for uncertainty. Instead, inquire about the cost of inaction (COI). Ask them what will happen to their problems while they wait. Problems don’t usually vanish on their own; sometimes, they worsen.

Overcoming the Objection

Overcoming this objection involves addressing the fear and hesitation that salespeople often carry – that inner voice urging caution. To quote Plato, “The first and most important victory is to conquer oneself.” Challenge the brain baggage that tells you to play it safe. Be a bit disruptive, respectfully questioning the consequences of delaying. Don’t be too quick to comply; rattle the windows a bit.

When faced with a prospect wanting to postpone, ask why and explore the implications of waiting. Conquer your own reservations, be respectfully disruptive, and strive for meaningful closure. Have a fantastic day!

Mark Trinkle, Chief Growth Officer
Anthony Cole Training Group


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