The Most Common Sales Objections | Part 2


Today, we’re diving into the second installment of our three-part series on the most common sales objections. One frequent challenge salespeople encounter is when prospects express loyalty to a competitor, citing years of satisfaction with their services. In the initial segment of our series, my colleague Jack Kasel emphasized the importance of not just overcoming objections but effectively dealing with them using the PAC method.

The P in PAC encourages a pause, providing a moment to collect thoughts and manage emotions. Moving on, the A stands for acknowledgment—expressing appreciation for the objection and validating the prospect’s perspective. Finally, the C stands for getting curious. It involves understanding the motivations behind the objection and inquiring about the prospect’s true objectives.

For instance, when a prospect declares, “I’ve been doing business with your competitor for X years, and I’m satisfied,” apply the PAC method. Pause, then acknowledge with a positive response like, “Good for you! That’s great to hear. Thanks for sharing.” Next, get curious by asking questions. For example, inquire about the top two or three aspects that have kept them loyal to the competitor.

Use an approach like, “Mary, it seems you’re not ready to shift your relationship, and I understand. Could you elaborate on the key factors that have kept you with them?” Alternatively, express optimism for the competitor’s success but gently prompt with, “Mary, in case they stumble, who would you call first?”

Your goal is to position yourself strategically for future opportunities. Inquire, “Mary, what can I do to be your first choice when you encounter a problem that needs fixing?” Once you gather insights, collaborate with Mary to create an action plan to stay top of mind without appearing desperate.

Remember, maintaining a robust pipeline ensures you can confidently address objections. Thanks for tuning in, and have a fantastic day!

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