Self-Improvement in Sales: Develop a Plan for Long-Term Results

Continuous Self-Improvement in Sales

How are you setting yourself up for continuous self-improvement in sales? Do you believe you are “on top” of your sales and leadership game? What behaviors are you changing that allow you to get out of your comfort zone and be the best version of yourself?

  • Reading sales and motivational books?

  • Listening to podcasts?

  • Watching Ted talks?

  • Surrounding yourself with positive people and learning as much as you can from them and their experiences?

  • Tracking your progress on a consistent basis?

If you’re doing some or most of these, you are on a path to success. There’s two more that I’d like to share that have had a positive impact on my career in sales and sales management.

Two Behaviors to Encourage Self-Improvement in Sales

1. Setting goals.

Many salespeople and sales leaders we have the pleasure of training and developing across the country do set goals, but a majority do not write them down.  Write them down, be specific and keep them where you can see them.  A subtle reminder may be all you need to stay motivated to help achieve those goals and improve yourself.

To help you with setting goals, you can download our Personal & Business Work Plan for free! This plan has been dowloaded and used by hundreds of salespeople to help them achieve their goals.

2. Practice and role-play

This, to me, is the best way to self-improve.  True, most people  do not like to practice or role-play; in fact, many downright hate it.  I used to be one of them myself.  But, let me ask you this:  would you rather practice and role play in your training room, feel anxious, uncomfortable and embarrassed at times OR would you rather go out and potentially blow up a deal or relationship because you weren’t prepared?  You know the answer.  If you can allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone, this will have the greatest impact on your self-improvement…I promise.

 Self-improvement is not a “some of the time” thing, it’s an “all of the time” thing.

How serious are you at becoming the best version of yourself?

Dan Fischer
Sales Development Expert


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