Steve Jones
Leadership Development Specialist

My professional life has taken some interesting twists and turns along the path to where I am today. I have had the privilege of working for some of the greatest organizations in the USA either within their talent development functions or as a trusted consultant and adviser. Along the way I discovered my passion is helping others achieve their potential. Having served in several executive leadership positions, I have lived with the pain of underachievers as well as with the joy of those who have discovered their strengths and how to use them. My focus is working with individual leaders as well as leadership teams to understand how to connect with their people and produce great results through their people.

I met and married my wife Grace over 40 years ago. She and my kids allowed me to drag them to Cincinnati 23 years ago and we have never left. Today, we are deeply involved in helping the next generation of Jones kids grow into strong, confident leaders in their own right.
When the pace and stress of long flights and late nights starts to wear me down I often recover by taking to the tennis court to bash those little yellow balls into submission.