Does Your Bank Struggle with Hiring People Who Will Sell?

24209627_xl-select-hire-pick-recruitWith the growing popularity of drive through lanes and online services, competing for today’s banking business is an increasingly complex challenge . Gone are the days when clients stopped in to make a deposit and walked out with a new CD or loan. Today, when a client enters the building, your Relationship Managers must leverage every opportunity. Even more importantly, they must be able to reach out and attract new business.

We can help your bank find, qualify and hire the best people for these critical selling-oriented positions. Our process, based on the best practices of our exclusive Sales Managed Environment® Certification, involves the following 6 steps:

  1. Identifying Ideal Candidate Profiles – The goal is to find Relationship Managers who will sell in your market. Our Candidate Profile identifies what it takes for a person to be successful in that role and then those requirements are communicated through advertising and recruitment avenues.
  2. Customizing the Search for Ideal Sales Talent – We will train your management team why they must have a candidate pipeline that is managed rigorously. We help companies develop a focused and organized system for implementing a constant and consistent search for new talent.
  3. Assessing a Candidate’s Selling Skills & Weaknesses – The goal is to get the right candidate; not just any available candidate. Too often, employers hire based on past banking experience. We utilize an assessment that identifies the traits and qualities that make the difference between a candidate who will sell and one who won’t. (CLICK HERE for a free Sales Candidate Assessment)
  4. Qualifying/Disqualifying Sales or Management Candidates – Not every candidate who applies is a good fit for your bank. It is important to have a way to disqualify those who should be eliminated. During the hiring process, we employ methods to simulate actual selling situations to see what the candidates do and how they respond under pressure.
  5. Making Offers with Clear Job Expectations – Once the right person for the role is found, exact expectations must be communicated. Discussion should include information on all aspects of the working environment as well as production requirements and compensation.
  6. On-boarding New Salespeople Quickly –  After the offer is accepted, the Assessment is upgraded to a full evaluation to reveal the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses which will be the focus for ongoing training and coaching efforts. We will help to coach your new hire on developing their Success Formula (required sales activities) and personal goals which become the standards we use to help them hit their production quotos and be accountable to their own growth and success.

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