Focus on Your Prospect!

From Sales Development Expert, Mark Trinkle

Let me take you through a scenario that salespeople face each and every single day.  You’ve had your initial call with your prospect and they want to meet with you.  Great work!  The two of you meet for coffee and you feel that this is going to be a perfect meeting.  However, instead of asking conversational questions and truly wondering about the prospect and their needs, you start rattling off information about your products, services, special offerings, etc.  Instead of having a conversation with the prospect to uncover their compelling reasons to make a change, you babble on and on and on.  Sound familiar?

So, how do you fix it?  First, it is imperative that you as a salesperson ask Presidential questions.  Be patient.  Don’t get too excited if you think they are interested in buying and don’t get too upset if they aren’t.  Depending on what your prospect is looking to achieve, you can count on them hiding why they are actually meeting with you.  It is human nature.  Remember, prospects will always focus on their own best interests, and that’s okay.  That is why you must turn off your own instincts to make the sales meeting about you…and make it about them!

Make sure that you kick-off the meeting by asking the prospect what they want to achieve to make this meeting a success.  Ask quality questions to uncover their needs and your prospect will be much more willing to talk and share the truth with you.  You just need to ask questions and listen!

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