Mark Trinkle

Chief Growth Officer

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“Mark Trinkle was entertaining and engaging. He kept focus and our consistent attention. I found great value in what was taught during these training sessions. 100% recommend.”

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About Mark

After graduating from Ohio Northern University with a BSBA, I spent the first 20 years of my career as a property & casualty insurance underwriter and broker. And then, I had a blinding glimpse of the obvious – I was made for sales coaching.

So, in 2007, I left behind the insurance world at Wells Fargo to join Anthony Cole Training Group as a Sales Development Expert where I help salespeople identify, chase and catch their dreams. Perhaps my greatest enjoyment comes from helping salespeople simplify the sales process into 3 steps: hunting, qualifying and closing. And those 3 steps are manifested in the 3 most critical moments of the evolution of an opportunity: the first phone call, the first appointment and the close. Some moments matter more than others and those moments matter a ton.

I spend most of my time helping our clients to embrace what we would call “courageous” or “fierce” conversations with their prospects. Not only do we teach that it is okay to do that, the bigger risk comes from not doing it. As we say, don’t walk, talk, smell or look like a salesperson.

I have been blessed twice in my career: 1) I get to do what I love and 2) I get to do it with people that I love. There is no doubt that is where my passion for this business comes from.

If you are reading this and trying to figure out whether or not you need my help, here are four reasons why you should NOT (that’s right, you heard me) work with me:

1. Being good is good enough for you and your company
2. You would rather know the pain of regret than the pain of discipline
3. You think accountability is a fourteen letter dirty word
4. You are good with your people looking and acting like salespeople

Born in Middletown, Ohio, I make my home today in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati with my wife, Kim, and our 11-year-old daughter, Madison. One dog, one cat and two guinea pigs also share our home. I am passionate about golf and my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes.

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participants have learned from the sales training.

“Mark has the ability to turn someone “good” into someone “great”. He is the Coach K of the sales coaching world.”

VP, Community Bank

“We began work with Anthony Cole Training Group in 2019, and with their help have implemented a much stronger sales culture, a consistent selling strategy, and a management system that helps drive improved coaching and accountability.  This focus and investment have paid off with significant improvement in loan growth year over year, and an increase in fee income.”

Jason Petersen, SEVP, Chief Lending Officer, Austin Bank

“I have enjoyed the in-person training conversations and feedback. Mark Trinkle has been “real” with us. Makes you think about previous conversations and how different the outcome could be and will be in the future. Learned a lot. Thank you.”

Sales Training Participant, Arrow Bank

“I feel much more confident just speaking to customers and prospects knowing the goal isn’t to sell but to build relationships. The examples given were super beneficial. I loved having the in-person sessions. Thank you, Mark!”

Sales Training Participant

“I enjoyed the in-person meetings with Mark Trinkle. His presentation is engaging and informative. I will take what I am learning back to my team and to grow my business.”

Sales Training Participant

“Helpful knowing it is ok to be uncomfortable – listen – ask the right questions. Use your COIs – it takes time for success and building your COIs. Be patient – persistent. It’s just a conversation. Loved Mark.”

Sales Training Participant

“I have been talking with Mark for years about investing in our people. More specifically, communication skills. This hits it perfectly and should be rolled out to all business lines.”

Sales Manager

“Mark Trinkle makes participation so easy! He presented this in a way that didn’t feel like “training”. I have many takeaways from this that I feel will directly benefit me for not only myself; but however, my co-workers, customers, company, family, and friends.”

Sales Training Participant

“‘Don’t look like everyone else.’ Simply put, you don’t! Working with Mark is really a privilege. The online classes are great. I’m looking forward to earning COI’s and going to more networking events with the knowledge gained from these classes/meetings.”

Sales Training Participant

“The training provided in the Anthony Cole Training Group is very informative. Mark Trinkle has been and will continue to be a great teacher and trainer. I look forward to continue training under his guidance!”

Sales Training Participant