The Science of Selling

Almost 90% of elite sales producers (those in the top 7%) have a consistent sales process. However, 75% of all sales people DO NOT have systematic process at all. What about your sales team?
Objective Management Group

Does your sales team possess the behaviors and skills to sell effectively? Do they have a consistent approach, a selling system, that they follow to grow their business?

Our Effective Selling System is a progressive series of sales training courses providing salespeople with a step-by-step process that helps them uncover critical information that they must gain to fully qualify, engage and help the buyer achieve their ultimate goal.

Our instructor-led program is supported by robust online sales learning modules, live Zoom-casts and highly effective personal phone coaching. We fully integrate distance learning into our sales effectiveness training, helping to manage the costs of travel and time out of the office for participants. Our ESS 360 platform provides “drill for skill” practice sessions and role-play helping salespeople to become comfortable and skillful in their sales approach with the constructive feedback of a Sales Development Expert.

Our Effective Selling

Step 1
Set quality 1st appointments
Step 2
Maximize the initial call
Step 3
Eliminate typical objections early
Step 4
Get clarity on decision making: criteria and process
Step 5
Prepare a winning presentation
Step 6
Present and get a decision

Effective Selling Skills Training

Our Effective Selling System sales training courses will help each salesperson develop the strategy and tactical approach needed to target specific target markets with credibility, comfort, experience and skills to ask their prospect the right questions.

How compelling or urgent is this problem or opportunity?
What is the capacity and desire to change?
What is the cost of the problem?
What has the current provider offered as a solution?
Who is impacted by the problem?
Who will make the decision to move forward?
What is the budget to address the problem?
How long will the buying process take?

The Effective Selling System

ESS includes a robust curriculum of sales training courses customized to your company needs. Your tailored program of instructor led, online 24/7, phone coaching and live Zoom-casts will provide your sales team with a comprehensive approach to finding leads, qualifying, making the pitch, closing and cultivating the relationship. Here is just a sampling of course titles:

  • Effective Selling System Overview
  • 8 Step Compelling Phone Call
  • Getting Introductions
  • Are They Really a Prospect?
  • Gain Clarity & Get Commitment
  • Creating & Managing Pipeline Opportunities
  • Pre-Call Prep
  • Create Your Sales Success Formula
  • Personal & Business Workplan
  • The Art & Science of Great Sales Questions
  • Exceeding Expectations & Creating Advocates
  • Prospecting – Setting Quality Appointments
  • Selling When the Price is High
Sample one of our online sales learning courses on Presenting to Get a Decision