sales consultingThe buyer today is knowledgeable and has access to unlimited information at their fingertips but they still need advice and guidance to make important business decisions.

Your sales team needs consultative skills to assess their needs and provide recommendations to optimally serve the buyer. This is the value your salespeople will bring to your prospects and clients that will differentiate your company from your competitors.

Anthony Cole Training Group’s Consultative Sales Coaching focuses on helping your salespeople become more skilled at the sales conversation, developing their consultative skills with a consistent approach. The coaching program is customized to your specific company and line of business needs and focuses on development in these 13 Consultative Seller skills of understanding customer needs, asking better questions and ultimately closing more deals.

We will assign one of our experienced Sales Development ‘Coaches’ to work directly with your salesperson or salespeople. Here is a typical Consultative Sales Coaching package:

  • Sales Evaluation – provides the personal strengths and weaknesses of the RM to create a development roadmap. They will be evaluated on the Consultative skills in this chart.
  • Success Tracker – sales activity weekly tracking
  • 30-minute monthly phone coaching calls about real deals in the pipeline
  • 5 course customized online sales library to sharpen skills in specific areas
  • Monthly check-ins with managers so they can reinforce utilization of sales strategies

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Sample Findings from OMG Sales EvaluationSample Findings from OMG Sales Evaluation