Top 20 Sales Tips for 2020: Write Down Your Sales Work Plan and Goals!

From Recruitment Specialist & Sales Development Expert, Alex Cole-Murphy

Don’t miss the 4th video in our Top 20 Sales Tips for 2020 video series in which we discuss the importance of writing down your sales goals and committing to them throughout the year.

Watch it below:


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Video Transcript: 

We know that salespeople who accomplish their goals do these things consistently:

  1. Their goals are written down and they have a plan to achieve them
  2. They have a timeframe that they stick to and their goals are defined and measurable
  3. And lastly, they have an accountability partner or a coach to keep them on track

Goal setting is more than just thinking about and writing down goals. Goals without actions and a strategic plan are just thoughts you have about what might happen.  Writing goals with action items is a waste of time if you don’t commit to time frames.  And ultimately you have to inspect what you expect. The joy of accomplishing goals is what will keep you moving forward.

By putting your 2020 work plan in writing, signing and dating it, making a copy for your direct report and reviewing it during each and every coaching session, you are building yourself a roadmap to achieving your goals.

But keep in mind this one very important idea – your plan has to be tied to YOUR personal goal.  It must be a number or objective-driven by your needs and not the needs of the company. For example, maybe you want to pay off your credit card debt, a hefty sum of the mortgage on that new house you bought or pay for an upcoming vacation in full. When your work plan is directly tied to one of your personal motivators and objectives, you are much more likely to see the success you want.