Approach: Track

Inspect What You Expect

icon3_300dpiIf a sales manager does nothing more than set and inspect activity standards with their salespeople, they will get a lift. But there is so much more to be gained with the right tracking.
The gain can be seen in two ways. First, we will be able to identify each salesperson’s choke points within the selling steps. This enables coaching to improve skills and results. Secondly, we are able to measure the impact of the development program and investment over time. Is the program driving results? Is it helping your organization reach your sales goals?

While we can work with our clients existing data and CRM systems, we often find that “leading indicator” data, like number of contacts, calls and appointments, is not captured. We offer a robust tracking system, SuccessTracker, that can be fine-tuned to your specific industry and company’s sales process. This allows you to understand if, how and when your salespeople will close business (and reach their goals). Click here to sample our ACTG SUCCESS TRACKER.


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