Sales Managed Enviroment® : Set Better Standards

How Many Salespeople on Your Team Did Not Achieve Their Sales Goal Last Year?

Set Better Standards.  Set Extraordinary Standards.

Standards iconThink about how many have not reached their goals for multiple years. Do you have salespeople who retired years ago but just haven’t told you yet?

As leader, you are responsible for putting the best sales team into the market place. It’s up to you to hire the best people and provide them with the best management, coaching, motivation and mentoring. Taking responsibility is the most important aspect of performance management and it all starts with the leader.

For an organization to have Extraordinary success. Extraordinary must be the standard.  Extraordinary goals and expectations must be set.  There can be no excuses for lack of performance.  Extraordinary success begins with assessing the commitment that you have as a sales leader and the commitment of your salespeople to succeed in selling. Will you and will they, do whatever it takes?