Services and Solutions

We are responsible for helping you grow revenue.

  • Sales Management Training: We will focus your sales managers on core areas of performance management, motivating, hiring and coaching an effective selling system


  • Sales Training: We will teach salespeople how to grow their business more quickly by engaging and qualifying the prospect, uncovering needs, presenting solutions and helping facilitate decisions through consultative approach


  • Sales Coaching: We will provide personal coaching with the right activity tracking, online support and ZoomCasts to coach real deals in real time and provide pre and post call strategies, for salespeople or sales managers


  • Sales Team Evaluation: We will provide customized direction and training, per individual and per team, based upon the world’s #1 rated sales evaluation results


  • Hiring Sales Talent: We will implement a superior and consistent methodology for hiring that eliminates expensive hiring mistakes, improves sourcing, screening, qualifying, hiring and onboarding processes


  • Hiring Sales Candidate Assessment: We will utilize world-class, accurate, customized and predictive assessment that identifies talent who will succeed in your niche


  • Workshops & Keynotes: We can deliver a wide variety of customized content with topics: Hiring Better, High Touch Selling in a Hi-Tech World, High Touch Coaching, Developing Centers of Influence, “I Could Sell More if Only I…”, Ignite the Fire Within and much more


  • Online Sales Training: We will provide robust and interactive online sales and sales management training courses as part of integrated training program or as self-guided


  • Success Tracker: We believe and provide the right sales activity tracking, essential for identifying the choke points in each salesperson’s process, which leverages Sales Coaching for optimal results


We have 25+ Years of Data & Experience

growing revenue with companies by developing their sales people and sales managers, helping them sell better, coach better and hire better.


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We have Deep Domain Expertise

working with banks, insurance and financial services and industries requiring knowledgeable, longer-sales cycle, consultative salespeople.

Our Instructors are Sales-Experienced

training veterans with extensive financial services knowledge and experience delivering, role-playing, recruiting, on-boarding and coaching sales people and sales managers (Trainers are also salespeople).

Our Sales Managed Environment® Certification

provides training for sales leaders to cultivate and grow company sales culture and results by improving skills in performance management, coaching, motivating and recruiting.