Approach: Producer Reviews

Producer Reviews

“One day I was invited to attend Anthony Cole Training session. Upon leaving the room I was completely energized. I started thinking about my ‘ho-hum’ job and knew I couldn’t continue in an Acct. Mgmt. role. One comment kept replaying in my mind – a comment that Tony Cole had made during that session, ‘raise your expectations of yourself’. That small phrase meant so much to me that day; as it does today. So much of what we do in sales starts within us first – – attitude, courage, confidence, to name a few. I am forever grateful to Tony Cole – that day my eyes were opened and I was revived with a breath of fresh air. I’m happy and proud to say that I have been successful in sales; I feel like I’m in the right ‘skin’ – I can’t ever imagine doing anything else.”

Janine McWilliams,
Employee Benefits,
USI New England

“I have been a banker for 32 years and have received quite a bit of training in sales skills, negotiating skills, and leadership. I went into this training with a healthy degree of skepticism – what else could I learn? I am an old salty dog. Jack Kasel’s style was engaging, energetic, and informal. Everyone had a nickname and he personalized the material in such a way that it made for a great collaborative and collegial experience. His approach allowed all of us to move away from our comfort zones and be more receptive to varying approaches and techniques.”

Jed Hall
Senior Banker & Boston Market Leader

“What I have learned from this training is a unique approach to selling. I have truly had to rethink a lot of what I have learned in the past. When I first attended a class, I thought there was no way I could say or do some of the things I was hearing. I have since had to change my mind and my attitude. It makes sense to qualify customers to do business with you instead of you having to stand in line behind all the other bankers and hope you get a shot at their business.”

Business Banker,

“Anthony Cole Training helped me transform from a standard ‘bag carrying robot’ into a unique, highly skilled asset for my company and my clients. Specifically, Walt Gerano, developed a plan that includes a high-touch, high frequency mentoring program. Walt and I worked together to plan, execute and deliver for all sales calls and situations. This laser approach has helped me to identify “real” prospects, plan for future success, move prospects quickly through the sales cycle and ask for solid introductions. However, the most important component of my relationship with ACTG and Walt Gerano is they practice what they preach. The way they conduct their business is a rock-solid testimonial to the training they provide.”

Rick Maher,
USI New York