Approach: Sales Executive Reviews

Sales Executive Reviews

“This was a really good session on the Effective Selling System. I’ve been through many of these types of classes and most are worthless. It’s too bad it was only for 3 hours.”

Andrew Savarese
Senior Managing Director
Crystal Insurance

“Our new advisor shattered our expectations as a rookie rep. He generated over $7  mil in Advisory assets; he averages $30k in GDC per month and is connecting very well with the staff and members.” (Client of Hire Better Salespeople)

National Director of
Program Management

“We learned how to turn a good sales call into an extraordinary sales call that included a commitment to do business with us. We learned how to shorten the sales cycle and get to commitment faster. We learned to win more while spending less time creating proposals. We learned how to simplify our business into what we need to do today. We learned how to conduct amazing sales meetings. We won a higher percentage of “at bats” than ever before, and our financial results improved dramatically. “

Wes Lawrence
former Northwest Region
President, KeyBank

“The Sales Person Skills Assessment Tool has enabled us to discover some interesting information about our sales process, current sales capabilities as well as potential opportunities for growth and improvement in sales competencies. This assessment tool has also changed how we go about hiring for our sales force.”

Bill Snell
President & CEO
F&M Trust

Tony – being a student of the business, regardless of the industry, means you invest your time and money in your business. I personally believe that investing in you and your company is the best money a company can spend. There is definitely a 100 to 1 ROI by hiring you or any other team member of your team. Over the years, I have invested my money by hiring you and have realized the return. The time spent, money spent was well worth it.”

Michael Johnson
Executive Vice President
at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

“It has been a privilege to work with Anthony Cole Training. Tony’s drive and commitment has truly helped transform our sales culture. More than anything, I have been impressed with the emphasis on accountability. Through the huddles process our team becomes responsible for their results. Not as an individual, but as a team. We’re also uncovering sales opportunities sooner and recognizing what it really means to work together to improve sales effectiveness. Since working with Anthony Cole Training, I am witnessing firsthand what extraordinary results my team can achieve.”

Joel Hickman
Vice President Corporate & Community Relations
at Saint Alphonsus Health System

Anthony Cole Training Group’s sales training is unique because it doesn’t simply share selling strategies and techniques but rather challenges your sales people to change their way of thinking and their actions. ACTG combines a unique perspective on selling with specific actionable items. I have personally witnessed very skeptical sales people implement Tony’s training with very positive results. He will help raise the level of accountability within your sales force dramatically, which in turn will increase their performance.”

Thomas J. MacDonald
Chief Operating Officer at Ultimate Rehab, Ltd.

Tony Cole brings both the tangibles and the intangibles to a sales development engagement. He is a tremendous resource who gets it and has an immediate impact on any company who is smart enough to hire him.”

Dave Kurlan
Kurlan & Associates. Inc.