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Why is Sales Management So #%&@ Hard?

I Must Improve the Skills of My Salespeople

Lack of Coaching Skills


9009429_xxl worried manMost sales managers are promoted into their role due to prior selling success. Thus, they typically don’t come into the job with the specific management skills needed to understand, motivate and coach salespeople. Coaching is the most critical role of a sales manager, yet this is where we typically see weakest skills in our assessment findings. Some of the common issues:

  • Lack of preparation or debriefing of sales calls
  • Ineffective handling of joint sales calls
  • Not asking good questions
  • Rescuing salespeople
  • No effective selling system
  • Need for approval
  • Not getting regular commitments
  • Inconsistent coaching and debriefing
  • Poor coaching record collection

A sales manager may understand some of these issues but may need to learn how to coach others. The skills and behaviors that made him a leading salesperson do not necessarily translate to making him a good sales manager. Let us help you discover the sales management skills needed to coach your team to real selling success.

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My People are Selling Low Price and It’s Killing Our Profit

Lack of Consistency between Management Business Strategies


6960659_xxl man at conference tableCEOs and Sales Leaders are usually certain that their strategies are concrete, sound and have been communicated effectively throughout the organization. However, we have found that many executives are surprised when their sales team’s strategies are not aligned with their own. In most of these same companies, sales management is directing the field to execute strategies differently than the CEO would wish.

Some of the reasons this might happen include varying individual assumptions and interpretation of communications, different prior experience or lack of experience, execution of what is comfortable versus what has been planned, vague messaging and lack of direction.

We will identify alignment issues within your organization and help you get the team back on track by helping to clarify priorities:

  • Profit vs. margin
  • Business plan
  • Sales manager’s role
  • Training
  • Compensation
  • Marketing
  • Market identity
  • Competition
  • Reaching customers
  • Recruiting

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My Sales Team Doesn’t Do What I Ask Them To Do

Salespeople are Uncomfortable with Management Style and Requirements


6153204_xl overworked stress womanMost sales teams are comprised of a variety of people who have been recruited from different organizations and industries. Each comes complete with the habits and sales cultures that have been inbred in them from their various past places of employment. Imagine the challenge this presents when a sales manager tries to set standards and implement activities that are different from those to which his salespeople have been exposed. Expectations and hence results are not aligned.

We will help evaluate your sales teams and work with your sales leadership team to create a Sales Managed Environment® that will help them:

  • Set higher standards & create individual accountability
  • Utilize motivation techniques that really work
  • Learn a language and a process to coach people to success
  • Maintain a constant focus on upgrading the team and build an effective recruiting system
  • Learn how to manage, coach and grow using the numbers

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We Would Sell More if We Had an Effective Sales Process

Lack of a Mapped, Executed and Effective Selling Process


7250117_l business plan92% of the companies whose sales forces we evaluate have ineffective, incomplete or non-existent sales processes, or sales processes that their people don’t follow. Clearly this is a problem, but it is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is identifying why the organization lacks an effective and consistent sales process. It could be any of the following:

  • Sales Management doesn’t know what they don’t know
  • They are unable to define the correct steps in the correct order
  • They are unable to communicate the process to the sales force
  • The system is not intuitive or simple
  • The system is not memorable or logical
  • It doesn’t create traction
  • It doesn’t create prospect engagement
  • It is not predictive or repeatable
  • It doesn’t deliver consistent results

We will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your existing selling process and why it does or doesn’t work. We will also tell you what must be done to implement a more effective selling system into your organization.

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I Don’t Have Enough Time to Really Manage My Team

Insufficient Time Spent by Managers in Sales Management Activities


6591169_xl grey clock office angledMost sales managers spend less than 25% of their time on sales management activities and instead devote their time to strategy, crisis management, organizational issues and direct selling. While all of these are important roles, a sales manager should spend 80-85% of her available time coaching, motivating, recruiting, holding people accountable and growing the sales force. It is difficult to grow a sales force effectively without this time commitment and focus.

We will help you create a Sales Managed Environment® in your organization that will provide your leadership team with the framework and tools to systematically set standards, motivate, coach and recruit to a higher performing sales level.

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How Do I Motivate My Salespeople

Salespeople Not Achieving Activity or Sales Goals


6880880_xxl businessman sleepingIf sales leaders do not know what motivates each of their salespeople to go the extra mile to get what they want, they lack the power to truly motivate them. Sales managers must have discussions with each salesperson and determine exactly what they want from life. This involves helping them create a plan to get there and motivate them to reach their personal goals instead of company quotas.

 Effective sales managers have developed these Motivator skills:

  • Have goals and a plan
  • Know what motivates salespeople
  • Give recognition
  • Have strong self image
  • Have good bonding and rapport
  • Run effective sales meetings
  • Do not accept mediocrity
  • Take responsibility
  • Have a record collection that supports motivation

We will identify if sales managers have these Motivator skills and help your organization implement goal setting and communication strategies to truly motivate the sales team.

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We Didn’t Meet Our Goal Because…

Excuses for Lack of Sales Results


5032426_xxl stop domino effectNothing will stunt the growth of sales and impede growth like excuse-making. As long as excuse-making is accepted, change will not take place. If salespeople can blame others (the market, the competition, the operations group), they won’t take responsibility for their own results. Until they take responsibility for their results, they can’t ask themselves what they might have done differently. Until they ask what they could have done differently, nothing will change and they will continue to make the same mistakes resulting in poor outcomes.

We can help identify the amount, frequency, type and source of excuse making in your organization so that you can isolate and stop it.

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My Salespeople are Not Converting Enough Opportunities to Sales

Poor Pipeline Management


8283731_xl pipelineDelayed sales closings and smaller budgets have become the norm in recent years and so it is more important than ever to find new business prospects. This requires all salespeople, even those who have enjoyed account management roles, to take on a more proactive role hunting for new business. Salespeople must also be skilled at weeding out the nonqualified prospects in their pipeline.

 Many salespeople don’t have the ability to be hunters and many don’t want to be hunters. We will help you identify the salespeople who will hunt for new business, those who can be trained to hunt for new business, and those who should not be placed in proactive hunting roles.

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I Waste a Lot of Time and Money on People Who Do Not Produce

Bad Hires


9379754_xxl woman defeatedWe call them Sales Ghosts. Think about all of the salespeople you have hired who have left within a couple of years. Think about the hours of training and development, benefits and management time, you and your company spent on these Sales Ghosts. If you could decrease that problem by just 25%, what impact would that have on your firm’s bottom line? Most companies waste significant resources on bad hires.

While you cannot completely eliminate this problem, we can help your company develop a systematic and proven method to ensure that you have taken all the necessary steps in hiring the right person, one who will be successful in your organization’s culture.

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