Solutions: Sales Managed Environment®

Are You Spending Too Much Money on Sales Training?


257509 - accounts acquirer affiliate agreement allience audCompanies spend a great deal of money training their salespeople.  But without skilled sales managers in place to inspect, coach and motivate, the training will not last or provide a return on investment.  And without systems and processes in place for sales leaders to drive a consistent approach, there will be variability of talent and performance.  That’s why we always begin with your sales leadership team.

Our Proven Process:

We begin by evaluating your salespeople and managers and then work with your sales leadership team to customize a systematic sales management process to improve results. Implementing a Sales Managed Environment® will help your sales leaders with establishing standards, coaching, motivating, recruiting and upgrading their team. Find out more about our SME™ Certification program HERE.

Case Study Super Regional Bank

Case Study Mid Size Bank

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Standards &

Set higher standards & create individual accountability

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for Success

Learn a language and a process to coach people skillfully

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that Works

Utilize motivation techniques focused on personal goals and burning platform issues

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Hire Better
Sales People

Use the science to hiring the right salespeople

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Upgrade Your
Sales Team

Ensure that each year your “bottom is getting better”

Common Issues of Client Companies:

  • “Our sales managers are not good at coaching our people to improve.”
  • “Most of our sales are coming from just a few top performers.”
  • “We don’t really have a consistent sales process.”
  • “Our top level business strategies are not being executed throughout the company.”
  • “The sales team has a lot of excuses for not reaching their sales goals.”
  • “Sales are taking too long, closings are delayed or we are losing them at presentation time.”

“I have worked with Anthony Cole Training Group at two different financial service companies over the last 5 years. The sales techniques that Tony and his team have introduced have helped us differentiate ourselves in the marketplace from our competitors. We have created a sales culture that has helped our district significantly rise in the performance rankings within our own organization and most importantly, reach our plan. Additionally, the sales management process is vital to the overall success and for the accountability and motivation of our ‘feet on the street’. I can’t think of any sales organization that can afford not to invest in the kind of sales development that ACTG provides.”

District President, Regional Bank