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upcharta financialThe roots of Anthony Cole Training Group began in the financial world when Tony was a (struggling) insurance producer until he hired a sales trainer (for himself).  The subsequent training and discipline worked, and Tony saw an opportunity. With his education degree, coaching background and financial designations, it was a natural progression for Tony to train and consult within the financial industries. Thus Anthony Cole Training Group was born. Several years later, Walt, and then Mark, who had trained under Tony, joined the firm, both out of financial sales.  Several years ago, Jack came to us with a training and insurance background.  Jeni, ACTG’s internal banking account specialist, and Traci, operations support, also out of the banking world, are serving ACTG clients behind the scenes.

We apply our proprietary selling and sales management systems directly to your industry sales processes.  When you work with one of our sales development experts, there is little time needed to onboard.  We understand the challenge of being a wholesale insurance producer or that of the lending approval process you encounter as a middle market RM.  We’ve got you covered.

So, what does that help you accomplish that you might not get with another non-financial sales development firm?  We take that unneeded ramp up time and apply it directly to real deal, strategy development, drill for skill and role play with your salespeople.  And we understand, because we have been in your seat.  This is the real practice time that makes your people better at selling.  We are faster to market and so are your people.  You can ask any of them–90% of our clients are in the banking, insurance or investment business.

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Thank you for all you have done to help us build a strong Sales Management Effectiveness program that has transformed Key to a true sales organization. With your help, our sales leaders and sales people are now executing a consistent selling process that has directly contributed to the bottom line revenue and growth of the company.  We are far stronger for our association and work with you and your team at Anthony Cole Training Group.

Beth Mooney
Chairman and CEO, KeyCorp


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