Virtual Selling: What Can go Wrong?


Virtual Selling… what can go wrong? The short answer is this: Everything can go wrong.

But embracing something new like virtual selling or virtual meetings isn’t the first time you made changes based on technology.

Consider when:

  • You didn’t use all  the applications you use to help you process information and data
  • You didn’t have access to prospects 24/7 via text, email or mobile device
  • When using Powerpoint or other presentation tools was just for the tech geeks
  • Depending on your age and tenure you had a Disc driver in your computer and a cassette player in your automobile
  • And if you traveled a great deal you used maps from a local gas station instead of the GPS that you know program in your car or on your phone

You’ve made adaptations in the past and it’s time to make them again if you want to stay effective, available and competitive.

Here are my 7 tips for more effective virtual selling:

1. Understand that virtual means not physically present. You already live in a text, email, voice mail message virtual world so stop fighting it and embrace it.

2. Get better at the virtual world you already live in. That means that your emails have to be compelling. To accomplish that, consider video emails.

3. Improve your phone conversations. You have 5 seconds to catch someone’s attention so don’t look, act or sound like everyone else.

4. Use Zoom or window’s teams to meet with prospects.

5. When conducting video meetings your goal should be to duplicate the in person experience as closing as you can.

6. If you are not tech savvy find someone who you can partner with so that they can run the technology and you can do what you do best – build and work the relationship.

7. This might be the most important tip; When communicating to your prospect or client the information for attending the meeting, send the Plan B instructions as well. Plan B normally means old school – use the telephone.

7a. Log on 10 to 15 minutes early so you’re not panicky to start the meeting and everything is working as it should.

Welcome to the new world of virtual selling. Thanks.

From Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Tony Cole

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