Create A Value-Based Sales Proposition that Breaks Through


Hi, I’m Dan Fischer with Anthony Cole Training Group. And welcome to this week’s Sales Brew on value propositions in sales. What are value propositions? Well, it’s a brief but effective statement of what it is that you do. The value and the benefit that you bring bring to the table. It includes the outcome of what happens when clients choose to work with you and your company.

Pretend for a moment that someone asks you what you do. Can you, without hesitation, clearly state what you or your company does in a short, concise way? You’ll know if your proposition is effective, if the person you’re talking with elicits a response of, “That’s interesting. Tell me more about that.” Or “How do you do that?” Or even third. “That sounds like me.” Many of the CEOs that I’ve had the pleasure of working with believe that the value proposition, or some say the positioning statement, the unique selling approach, or whatever you call it, is one of the top prospecting techniques that their teams need help with.

So how do you stand out from everyone else? Or as Seth Grodin puts it, become a purple cow. Ask yourself, what is it that you do that is different from your competitors? Why should people be interested in your message? Here’s a few tips. Have a very specific target market or even a niche. Know exactly what the problems and the opportunities are within your target market. And most importantly, record your positioning statement and practice with a colleague who will give you critical feedback. If your message sounds like everyone else’s, please stop it and change it. Change it now.

After your value proposition to someone, that person is going to be thinking one of two things: that was no different than the last ten people I’ve met, or what he or she said was unique and it was different. I’m going to remember that. Be the latter. Let me be frank here. Buyers have been hearing the same old crap from salespeople for years about how great they are, how great their service and products are, and how great their people are. Let me ask you, how is that different? What do you say we commit to breaking that cycle and develop propositions that are truly unique and different? If you want to learn more about value propositions, please feel free to email me at Happy to help. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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