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Simple Tips for Quick Sales Improvement


Hey, everybody. This is Jack Kasel with Anthony Cole Training Group, bringing you this week’s Sales Brew on the top tips for instant improvement. I heard someone say that it took them 30 years to become an overnight success. And growing up on a farm in Shepherd, Michigan, my Dad used to say, “Son, sometimes hard work has been known to work.”

So I have a couple of tips here, a couple of thoughts that you might want to think about and see how you stack up with these three or four tips that I have here.


#1. Having the Right Mindset

Number one, let’s get this mindset right. It’s a grind. We’re getting into the time where there’s some uncertainty. We have an election next year. A lot of things are happening in the market, and so it’s going to be a grind. And there’s a term in the baseball community known as the dog days of summer, usually around August or September. You’ve been playing for several months. You’re hot, you’re tired. Beat up, and you still got another couple of months to work.

And so now it just becomes a grind because talent will make you good, but your mindset and how you approach your business will make you great.


#2. Diligent & Consistent Follow-Ups

Point number two is the fortune is in the follow-up. This is where I see two things that are really affecting salespeople. They’re not getting out of their office and getting in front of enough people, and then they’re not being diligent and consistent in their follow-up.

The fortune is in the follow-up. You continue to follow up until you either get the business or it goes somewhere else. Just because they go silent doesn’t mean you need to quit talking to them and following up on them. And here’s the thing- do you sound like somebody worth speaking to?

Are you leaving voicemails that are compelling? Are you sending emails that are making people think? Or do you sound like all the other salespeople, saying things like: “What a great program we have, what a great company we are, and we want to get together.” Just because you say, “Give me a call back at your earliest convenience,” they’re not calling you back. They’re not returning your emails. It’s your job to initiate the conversation.

Our coach Dave Kurlan from Objective Management Group said “During difficult times, if I’m going to get the same success I had during good times, I have to follow the rules of three. I have to go see three times as many people as I have in the past. So if my outreaches were 30 a week, I have to go see 90 people.”

You need to work three times as hard or three times as smart. What are you doing? In regards to video prospecting, that seems to be the thing that really is differentiating salespeople simply by sending somebody a video versus sending them an email, then, of course, we have to have three times as much in our pipeline as we’ve had in the past.


#3. Consistency is Key

The last one is the most important. You’ve got to be consistent. If I call somebody once or twice, one week and don’t call them again for a couple of months, I’m never going to build a relationship.

The fortune is in the follow-up. Be consistent. They may be interested, but right now is not the time. So if you’re consistent, you’ll find out there are more opportunities here than you might have thought. Think of your time today. Now go make a difference in somebody’s life.


Jack Kasel
Sales Development Expert
Anthony Cole Training Group


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