Use the Success Formula to Create Your Ideal Week


Hello everybody, This is Jack Kasel with Anthony Cole Training Group, bringing you our next Sales Brew on the success formula and the ideal work week. Now, here’s what we know, that just because we have activity, doing a lot of work does not necessarily mean it turns into productivity. But the other side of that coin is simply this, without any activity, there can be no productivity. So what are the things you’re doing on a regular basis to help you find opportunities for your company? Well, there’s really about three or four broad categories.

Number one is getting introductions. That has been proven time and time again as the number one way you can have success in finding opportunities. Using your LinkedIn and your existing network, and simply trying to figure out, who do they know that you should know? Then, of course, we have the social activities. We’re going and about and doing different mixers, and going on golf outings, and different things that may find opportunities that way, as well as the tried and true cold calling.

Now, here’s the key. You could do one of those activities and probably have some good success if you did it on a regular basis. But what happens if you combine all of those- introductions, LinkedIn, using social settings, as well as just picking up the phone and calling people? You’re going to have some success, but how much success do you need to have and what does it take?

So we’re going to talk a little bit about our success formula. We put together a brief slide here to show you exactly what that is. And here’s what our success formula looks like. Very simple mathematical process. You get your annual revenue, whatever it is. You divide that by your average size sale, which gets you the number of sales that you need that year, depending on the total goal as well as the average size. Settle that particular piece of business and then we have to figure out now we go through some mathematical gymnastics. If I know I need 20 wins and I know I close about 50% of the people I present to, that tells me I got to present 40 times. And if I’m going to present 40 times and about 75% of the people I have active engagement turn into opportunities, then I simply take my 40 that I need, divide it by 0.75 tells me I need 54 opportunities in order for me to present 40 times and win 20 of those. And we simply walk through the mathematical gymnastics.

Finding out that we need 13 outreaches a day over the course of the year will put me in a position to win. So this is a very brief Success Formula. If we were coaching this to you, it’d probably be at about a three or four hour event. And so we want to give you just a very broad overview of what that would take.

So coming back to our whiteboard. So now we know what the success formula is. Now, here’s the key. What’s the ideal week? The ideal week is when you put things on your calendar and you guard them with great zeal and passion. What are some of the things? We call these big rock items. If you were going to fill up a container and I gave you some large rocks, some pebbles, some sand and water, and ask you to maximize the capacity, you would put the big rocks in first. Then you’d put the pebbles and shake that around. Then you put your water and your sand in.

And so what is that big rock item? Is it social selling? Is it going on LinkedIn? Is it asking for introductions? Is it picking up the phone and simply calling people? And now here’s the key. Putting it on the calendar and then guarding that with great zeal and passion. No matter what happens, I’m going to do these activities. Don’t make them an hour and a half prospecting activities. Take your time from 9:30 to 10:30 on Tuesdays and break it up into many chunks. 10 to 15 minutes. I’m going to make 15 calls or whatever it might be. Then I’m going to take a break, then I’m going to go on LinkedIn and I’m going to start looking for opportunities. Then I’m going to be calling people and asking for introduction.

So the success formula- How much activity do you need to be doing each day? Without fail. Putting that on my calendar and making sure once it’s on my calendar, it’s a big rock. And I schedule everything else around that big rock. And if you guard that with great zeal and passion we know for a fact you will have great success. There’s a bunch of information on our website at If you contact us, I’ll promise we’ll help.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this, and I hope you have great success out there! Take Care.


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