Preparing for Sales Success in 2022

We’re now in the middle of December, and it’s usually the time of year that you would sit back and begin to reflect on what kind of year you had.

  • Did 2021 go as planned?
  • Did I meet my personal and professional goals?

Take a quick minute and honestly answer those questions yourself.

If you answered the questions with a resounding “yes”, then great for you!  Keep doing what you’re doing.  If you didn’t, I have inspiring news.  The new year affords us the opportunity to start over.

The following things have helped my colleagues and I hit the ground running in the new year.  It helps because:

  • We take the time to plan by:
    • Writing down 12 goals; personal and professional
    • Picking three of those goals that are absolutely non-negotiable
    • Building an action plan

When you build your 2022 plan, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I established the correct behavior targets for prospecting?
  • What am I going to do to make sure that I have a consistent flow of names to call on? (Getting referrals and introductions)
  • Do I have an effective sales process that I follow consistently?
  • If I didn’t achieve my goals this year, what behaviors are lacking?
  • And, finally, how will I hold myself accountable?

Do these things and you will have a great 2022!

From Sales Development Expert , Dan Fischer

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