Stay Committed to the Activity

From Recruitment Specialist & Sales Development Expert, Alex Cole-Murphy

How much does your commitment drive your success? If you defined goals at the beginning of the year, how are they doing now? Watch the Brew below to learn more about goals and commitment.

Driven salespeople are committed to doing anything possible to succeed. This includes putting in the necessary hours and energy to complete the required sales activity. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-  

It takes about 14 attempts to get in touch with a prospect, but MOST salespeople give up after 3 to 4 attempts. If you are simply more committed than the salesperson sitting next to you, you will see greater success.”  

Most of us started the year with some goals we were committed to accomplishing. Some were business related and some personal. The ideal way to help you accomplish these goals is to build a success formula that defines the activities you needed to execute to achieve said goals. I must ask, “How are you doing?” 

If you’ve fallen behind, is it because you made the wrong assumptions about the number of meetings you needed or your closing ratio? Or, is It more likely you did the math correctly but simply didn’t do the activities you needed to? 

Here is my recommendation for you- focus on green, “go-to” activities. I call them green activities because these are the activities that make you money. Make a list of all the things you do during the day, and then carve out about 20% of those activities that lead directly to making sales. 80% of your time should be spent on “Go-To” activities.  

Too often, we get caught up doing the other stuff that allows us to stay busy as opposed to focusing on what matters most. Don’t misunderstand me. I know other activities such as preparing for meetings, responding to emails and calls, and helping current clients are part of your role, but it’s important to prioritize the go-to activities to make sure they get done first. 

There isn’t too much runway left when you take into consideration getting a prospects attention, qualifying their needs properly, building a solution, and closing and implementing that change. If you want to hit those personal and professional goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year, this is what it takes. Build a plan and stick to it. 

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