Do You Have a Sales Operating System that Actually Improves Your Sales Effectiveness?


Do you have a sales operating system that actually improves your sales effectiveness?

Hello, this is Tony Cole, founder of Anthony Cole Training Group. And welcome to our Sales Brew today. Every organization has a sales operating system that is perfectly designed for the results you get today and tomorrow. It’s perfectly designed for the results that you got last week, last quarter, last year. The economy and competition have nothing to do with how well your operating system performs. And at the end of any extended period of time, it has very little to do with your success and overall sales effectiveness.

Now listen, I don’t have my head in the sand. I’m not saying that economics, competition and the political environment don’t have an influence. But what I am suggesting is that if you didn’t intentionally and purposely build a sales operating system, then you still have one. You just didn’t build it.

A solid sales operating system has the following components:

  • Performance Management
  • Accountability
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Upgrading Motivation Networks
  • Coaching for Success
  • Effective Sales System

At Anthony Cole Training Group, we focus a great deal of our attention in helping our clients in the banking, insurance and investment advisory space build what we call a Sales Managed Environment. Over the last 20 years, our relationships with our clients have proven that this is how you minimize variables in performance, sales effectiveness, and therefore variables and outcomes.

Think about building a structured sales operating system from a stoic’s perspective. You see stoics focus on those things that they control. And when you build a system intentionally, you can control many things. You control setting up appropriate sales objectives, and implementing and executing performance management to provide business intelligence to your sales team. Armed with that business intelligence, you control how sales coaches can now intentionally coach, improve skill, and change behaviors.

You can control using a sales-specific candidate assessment from a company like Objective Management Group to hire candidates that demonstrate Will to Sell sales DNA and the right sales competencies to succeed in your company. In your sales environment, you control how your managers direct their motivational efforts for maximum impact. You control how effectively you onboard new hires to shorten, ramp up time, reduce time to validation, and save money from unnecessary turnover. You control the improvement of skill and behaviors of sales leadership.

Bottom line, you increase sales results tenfold when you have an intentional sales operating system operating system. You can control what you need to control to overcome external factors that you can’t control. To find out more about how and what to control to drive sales growth, give me a call at 513-226-3913. Shoot me an email and as always, thanks for your time.

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