Sales Negotiation Strategies: The Difference Between Negotiating and Bargaining

Sales Negotiation Strategies with Jack Kasel

Hello everyone, I’m Jack Kasel from Anthony Cole Training Group, here to discuss our next Sales Brew topic: sales negotiation strategies. Let’s start with the difference between negotiating and bargaining. While bargaining revolves around price disparities, negotiation delves deeper into motivations. Bargaining focuses on the “what” — selling for X versus buying for Y, or adjusting fees. On the other hand, negotiation probes the “why” behind each party’s stance.

Chris Voss emphasizes two crucial aspects of negotiation mastery. Firstly, maintaining emotional composure is very important, as emotional control often tips the scales in one’s favor. Secondly, honing the skill of empathetically understanding your counterpart’s position is key. Recognizing their perspective strengthens rapport and creates a more productive dialogue.

Articulating your counterpart’s position doesn’t weaken your negotiating stance; it strengthens it. It demonstrates attentive listening and respect, creating an environment conducive to open discussion. Remember, effective negotiation isn’t about hastily asserting your position but rather understanding theirs and uncovering underlying motivations.

So, focus on staying emotionally grounded and empathetically engaging with your counterpart. By understanding their “why,” you increase the likelihood of reaching mutually beneficial agreements. Good luck in your negotiations!

From Jack Kasel, Sales Development Expert
Anthony Cole Training Group


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