Greatest Sales Lessons Learned

Sales Development Expert Walt Gerano shares the greatest sales lessons that he’s ever learned.


I have learned many lessons in my life, most of the important ones from my dad.

I think he is happy that the important ones stuck, even though it took a few tries.

Hello this is Walt Gerano with Anthony Cole Training Group and welcome to this week’s Sales Brew.

Over the past 38 years I have learned many lessons about selling, like most of us, sometimes the hard way.  Some of the lessons are sales driven and some are life driven, but lessons, nonetheless.  When I think about the ones that have stuck and cause me to love selling so much, I decided, with all due respect to the former host of the Late Show, David Letterman, to create my own top 10. (In no particular order)

So here we go!

  1. You need an effective sales process to keep you on track, get you back on track or get off the track. Execute it with every opportunity.
  1. Prepare for EVERY outreach at each step of your process, not just when you are ready to present.
  1. Get great at asking the right questions, the right way and at the right time.  You will be amazed at how it can turn a sales call into a conversation.
  1. Customers come and go but clients take you with them.
  1. Advocates and partners are better for growing your business than strangers. Ask everyone for introductions, let them opt out.
  1. After 38 years rejection still hurts even if it’s not personal, but it doesn’t hurt as much as not recovering from it.
  1. Whatever you think is needed for the right number of outreaches, triple it!
  1. Become a great listener, remember listening does not mean waiting for your turn to talk.
  1. You need to find your “WHY”.  Selling can be tough sometimes, having your WHY will keep you going.
  1. Whatever happens it’s on you!


Thanks for listening to the greatest sales lessons, and have a great day.


From Sales Development Expert, Walt Gerano

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