Preparing for Takeoff: Customized Sales Training

Customized Sales Training

How many times have you listened to the pre-flight safety presentation you hear on an airplane just before you take off? “Hey everybody this is an important message; this could save your lives.” When you look around, what are most people doing . . . reading something on their phone, watching a movie, or otherwise preoccupied?  Why??  It’s because most of them have heard it all before. If your training program looks, sounds, and causes your people to act like all the other salespeople or messages in your market, it becomes white noise to the prospect and gets tuned out.

In 2021, for most industries and companies, margins got squeezed pretty hard.  Given the circumstances listed above, we don’t see that changing anytime soon.  Let’s face it, in the best of times, sales is a tough, tough gig.  That will be especially true in 2022.  How convinced are you that your team will be able to withstand the headwinds of this year?  Each of you will answer the above question in one of three ways:

  1. I’m very certain we can overcome those headwinds
  2. I’m pretty sure we will be OK
  3. I just don’t know or, I’m worried

If you are in Group One, congratulations!  I would love to meet you and learn about your secret sauce for success.

If you are in Group Two or Three, what’s your plan for fixing it?  More training may not work.  However, a focused and customized sales training program will.  Before you can provide that, you will need to take a deeper dive into what is supporting or sabotaging your team’s efforts to find, qualify, and win business.  After you learn that, then you can choose a program that will meet your team’s needs.  Let us help.

We can provide an “MRI” on your team and let you know how they compare in the 21 Core Competencies of an effective salesperson and team.  No cost or obligation.  I can just hear you say, “Ya right, what’s the catch”?  OK, there is one.  Your team will need to invest 50 minutes to fill out a sales questionnaire.  Beyond that, no catch, cost, or obligation.  I don’t guarantee much, but I will guarantee the no cost or obligation promise.  If that isn’t true, I will fly to your town and treat you to the best dinner available!

In closing, we know everyone is in control of three things:

  • What we think
  • What we say
  • What we do

You have the ability and control to tune out the pre-flight announcement; it’s your choice.  It’s also within your ability and control if you want to get out of Group Two or Group Three listed above, and start moving toward Group One.  If you do, then decide to have your team complete the questionnaire.  You won’t be disappointed.

Complete the 21 Core Competencies Questionnaire


From Sales Development Expert, Jack Kasel

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